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Tuesday, March 26 2019 @ 10:24 PM UTC

Threat of a Strike Divides Transportation Sector

Protests & Demonstrations Is there going to be a bus strike, or not? No one knows the answer. In this context the transportation sector is made up of bus owners, taxi owners, school buses, and things such as dump trucks. There are some who would like to lead a national strike to retain their political clout, and others who know that the government can and will confiscate their vehicles, cancel their permits and licenses, and basically fire them if they do. And, strikes only work if the people who are going to strike have a majority of the people they supposedly represent. Anyway, the running debate right now is centered on "the transportation sector" but that really just means buses. The government continues to crack down and enforce the law. They have the upper hand, initiative, the moral high-ground, and the backing of the public at large. The smart transportation union leaders know that this "strike" threat is a loser. The guys from the interior feel more powerful because they can control the highway which is basically just one straight shot to the border. The short answer is no one knows, and it's being discussed and decided right now.
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