Who Is Paying For This Crap?

Saturday, February 17 2007 @ 02:15 AM UTC

Contributed by: Don Winner

Hey guys! Look! Right over here! There's someone with an actual working computer, a digital camera, and more than thirty seconds on the ground in Panama who can write cheesy travel pieces without feeding your valued readers a steady stream of worthless crap. I was plowing through yet another "how I discovered Panama" article, this time written by Ceci Connolly for The Washington Post with the title "Is Panama City The Next South Beach?" This article is based on slivers mundane tourist dribble blown into some kind of Sunday Afternoon brain-dead mush for the masses. The one that pushed me to write about the bad writing was "With our catch in hand, we climb a rickety wooden staircase to a restaurant of sorts. Our waitress is brusque and the napkins are paper. There's a menu, but we don't need it." The staircase is about six feet wide and built out of poured cement. And this gem "The man at the Avis counter had no idea how to get downtown, and cabdrivers were no better." Lady, Panamanian cab drivers know every trick in the book. Apparently, blowing you off went over your head. My work here is done. I wonder what she got paid for this? The editor's should ask for a refund.

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