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Wednesday, April 24 2019 @ 08:01 PM UTC

FAQ: Pensionado Discounts at Hotels

Why Panama & Frequently Asked Questions Question: I have not found one single hotel in Boquete that will honor the 50% pensionado discount. I really think everyone is promoting Panama using these benefits as a pure marketing strategy but in reality the pensionado benefits are not honored. If I am wrong please provide a list of hotels in Boquete that honor the pensionado discount.

Answer: Panamanian law requires hotels to give those who qualify as pensionados a minimum discount of the regular prices of hotels, 50% from Monday to Thursday and 30% on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. They tend to get around this by posting a higher "regular" rate and then giving a "discount" to everyone. Enforcement is lax and the government will only get involved if someone is willing to file an official complaint Panama's National Consumer Protection and Defense of Competition Authority (Autoridad de Proteccion al Consumidor y Defensa de la Competencia). Please see this search for related articles. The phone number for the office in Chiriqui is 775-2536. They will be happy to listen to your complaint, just make sure you have the details straight. If a hotel owner or manager refuses to honor the discount simply pay the bill and report the incident. This holds true for hotels and all other businesses that are supposed to offer discounts to pensionados. The list of hotels is "all of them."

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