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The "Gringo Gang-Bang" Case - Yup, It's Real

Crime & Punishment

From: Richard James Schueler


Sent: Monday, April 09, 2007 2:09 AM

Subject: Retaining your lawfirm. Important.

This is Richard James Schueler. This email is in regards to retaining your services. I have been robbed of my life in Panama. My home, my cars, my bank accounts, my businesses, my properties, my pre-construction real estate, I never thought this could happen to me. Millions of dollars of my assets have been stolen from me: Bellagio tower 17a, BBVA (antiguo banco exterior) 22nd floor, 1/3 of the Ritz Tower project with 4000 mts of land in San Francisco, 10 Patten Moreno Asvat companies with assets of $400,000.00 cash, 5 Morgan and Morgan companies (owning the Bellagio, the BBVA, and units 50a and 50c in the Arts tower with $109,000.00 down payment), (contract for Marina terrace units 19a, 19-20b, 19c,) (contract for pacific tower unit 12a), 80 desktop computers, $35,000 in servers, $250,000.00 home theater system, Swarovski crystal collection ($30,000.00), 1 2000 lx470, 1 2003 bmw convertible m3, 10 rosas and rosas companies, a bank account in multicredit bank that used to have 150k in it…And lots of cash on top of that. (more)

Editor's Comment: This is apparently for real. The basic criminal complaints have been filed and there are more to come. The basic file is, as of today, with the office of the 15th Public Prosecutor. Due to the value of the assets misappropriated and the international slant this investigation should probably be bumped up to a Fiscal Superior and should without a doubt be brought to the attention of Panama's Attorney General Ana Matilde Gomez and the Minister of Government and Justice Olga Golcher.

Ex-Police Chief (PRD) Involved: Gustavo Perez was the Chief of Panamanian National Police at the start of the Torrijos administration and was replaced by Rolando Mirones. Apparently this started out with Gustavo Troncoso ripping this guy off. He then hired Alfredo Vallarino Aleman to help him get this assets back, and his lawyers apparently turned on him and it turned into a "gang bang on the gringo" scenario. They set this guy up and then used him like a "$2.00 'ho." I've seen people get screwed over before but this one takes the cake. And I hereby claim official ownership of the "Gringo Gang-Bang" title. Hell of a way to get famous...

Trying to Raise a Response: Today the victim, Richard James Schueler, sent this email to more than 150 Panamanian lawyers, trying to get someone who would take the case. It reality it was a publicity stunt to try to get some attention to his case. It's been getting slow-rolled a little in the system and to me it sounds like the people in a position to do something are trying to figure out what to do. This is going to be a long and convoluted story. There are so many facets and different angles I'm sure there will be many installations or "chapters" if you will. And here's the truely amazing part - the ripping off continues as I write this. Today (10 April 2007) people involved in this case tried to cash out $15,000 on apartment 17A in the Pacific Tower.

Why the Slow-Roll? I have no idea why the competent legal authorities have not locked down all of these accounts to sort this mess out. That should happen tomorrow, and it really can not occur fast enough. The Auxiliary Fiscal (the guy who is on duty 24-hours a day and represents the Public Ministry at the PTJ) should have had the balls to issue an order to lock everything down on the same day the complaint was filed, but that's water under the bridge.

Keeping Score: I'm going to keep count of a couple of things. First, how many people are behind bars in this case. Two, how much of the money or assets have been returned to the victim. Right now, it's zero on both counts. This is going to be a huge case for Panama. If these guys are allowed to get away with this then all bets are off. It's time for everyone in law enforcement, the Public Ministry's office and the judicial system to come down on this case hard and in a very public manner. Get crackin', ya'll. Right now the score is bad guys = about $4 million. Good guys = nutin.

(email continues)

On top of all of that, someone stole some secret files out of my computer and posted them all over the internet! These files contain the bank balances of my 10 patten Moreno asvat companies, audio recordings of me speaking with GUSTAVO ALBERTO TRONCOSO LUNA and ex-chief of police GUSTAVO ADOLFO PÉREZ ÁLVAREZ extorting several hundred thousand dollars out of me, and my floor in the BBVA. Some death threats, emails from ALFREDO EDUARDO VALLARINO ALEMAN who stole my bearer shares from me and ANTONIO RUPERTO HENRY MARSHALL who used to work for me, then joined their team to help rob me. They basically zipped the main folder I was using to track what was happening to me in Panama, and posted it up on the internet to several websites for everyone to see:

I’m embarrassed about it.

The basic timeline looked like this: Fake legal problem (Perez/Troncoso team), extort money from me (cash, bank account access) and convince me to leave the country. Troncoso then uses photocopies of shares to change directors and rename my companies and issue new shares. I hire Alfredo Vallarino to sue them all, he sues them all but Perez, my home get’s invaded by 10 guys (if you saw the Bellagio robbery on the news, that is my apartment), they tie up my girlfriend and put a gun to her head, she empties my safe and my crystal collection and some cash is stolen.

That same day my representatives in Panama bring my shares to Alfredo Vallarino to store in a safe deposit box for me. He stops taking my calls, transfers the Bellagio 17a into his own new company, retracts the lawsuits he had against Troncoso, and apparently gives troncoso the shares for the rest of my assets that Troncoso didn’t already steal through fraud.

At one time Troncoso and Perez were in my trust then they extorted me and stabbed me in the back. Then Vallarino was in my trust suing the original thieves for me, then he turns around stabs me in the back finishes me where they left off. They’ve divided up my life savings amongst themselves, and would be quite happy to see me dead now.

I don’t know of anyone that has had more stolen from him from people in his trust! I need all the help that I can get right now, and hope that you or someone you know is interested in helping me find justice in Panama.


Richard James Schueler


P.S. This is my only priority in life right now, so please email me or call me 24 hours a day.

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