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Saturday, April 21 2018 @ 07:36 AM EDT

FAQ: Is Homeschooling Permitted in Panama

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Question: I would like to know if home schooling is permitted in Panama. We are considering relocating to Panama but we will not be in Panama full-time for at least one to two years. We home school in the United States and we were wondering how education works for children under these circumstances. I read that school is from March through December. Are the schools for expatriates also March through December?

Answer: Schools in Panama are generally either on the local schedule (Mar - Dec) which coincides with the dry season in Panama, so that kids are out of school and families go on vacation when the weather is nicest. There are several schools that cater to the International community, specifically businessmen and diplomats, that work on the US schedule (Sep - Jun) to make international transitions easier. So, those schools are available. With regards to homeschooling, I know there are people who are homeschooling in Panama and generally they do it via the Internet, form groups for mutual support, etc. But I don't know enough about this issue to answer properly, and I open this question up for anyone who knows more about this than I do to please send me more information which I will append. Actually this subject deserves a full-blown article to discuss the issues. Please send to Thanks.

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