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Wednesday, April 24 2019 @ 07:50 PM UTC

Order Up a Hooker Online in Panama

Nightlife, Bars, and Partying Panama has always skirted a fine line between wanting to have legalized prostitution in the country, but at the same time not really liking it all that much. The fact is that in Panama prostitution is "de facto" legal while simultaneously illegal on the books. Street walkers are illegal, for example. But there are ways in which operators of massage parlors and strip clubs can make the girls available if they ensure they go to regular health checkups, use condoms, and practice other safe sex procedures. In effect this is a common sense approach based on the fact that authorities know prostitution will exist no matter what they do, so it's better to provide a level of controlled access that protects both the girls and the Johns as much as possible. The classic twin horns of a dilemma. Now, here's the rub so to speak. What happens when an enterprising pimp takes advantage of all of the existing laws, establishes an operation that is perfectly legal, and then uses the Internet to solicit business? If you're a exceptionally poor but really friggin' hot Latina from the third world somewhere, you can come to Panama and bang rich Gringos to make between $2,000 to $8,000 per month with no hassles from immigration, guaranteed. (more)

Ok, Maybe Not So Hot: I picked up on this thanks to an article in El Siglo written by Jahiro Polo y Elizabeth Alveo Miranda. If you take a look at the website Party Girls of Panama City the site is written in both English and Spanish. The English part is directed toward the potential customer, and the Spanish part is written as a recruiting pitch, directed toward the potential 'ho. In this business you need to be able to generate a steady flow from both sides.

Protecting the Customers: Nobody would want to bang a hooker that's rolling in Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD's). So, the girls who work in this industry are required to keep a registration card, and they have to go down and get a blood test every week as well as a physical exam like once a month. At these clinics the girls are given information about how they can protect themselves from STD's and how to recognize guys who are carrying diseases that are visible such as herpes.

Is This a Municipal Thing? It looks like this program is managed by the Panama City Municipal Government. If that's true then there's a serious disconnect between the policies of Panama City Mayor Juan Carlos Navarro, who has implemented relatively strict "no drinking" policies with regards to Carnival and Holy Week. The Mayor usually takes positions based on the moral high-ground, but the massage parlors were probably operating at full speed while the no drinking policy was in effect, so the Johns were banging the 'ho's, but without the benefit of a light beer buzz. Works for me. Amen.

Make Some Serious Dinero: The website also advertises to recruit new girls, and promises that they will have no problems with immigration, that their business is perfectly legal, and that the girls have "clean and safe" rooms to live in, food, and and "excellent environment in which to work." The location for this operation is above the Midnight Gentleman's Club on Via Espana. They also ask for pictures and say girls can make from $2,000 to $8,000 per month, and obviously some get more bang for the buck than others. Isn't it fun talking about sex.

For More Background Visit: El Complaciente's Webpage

This Isn't the First Time: El Complaciente has been operating on the Internet for years but they don't get all that much negative attention because they hook the Johns up with the 'ho's through a cell-phone cut-out, they don't have a physical location, and their website is in Spanish. The difference is that these guys probably don't have to comply with all of the requirements for a physical location such as a massage parlor, so maybe the chicks are not as checked-out as in the other places. But, they've been in business longer so they've got all of the kinks worked out. For example, they've got more and better looking girls up, and they hide their faces. And, their photography is much better.

This Has Been A Public Service Announcement: It's fun to consider the dichotomy of the two mutually exclusive moral positions - the juxtaposition of social health and safely concerns against posturing politicians and puritanical attitudes with regard to human sexual conduct between consenting adults. Knowing what I know about Panama City, I'll bet this website gets shot down simply because it's being called a "Sex Tourism" website. I guess my point is, "so what?" Panama's going to have to take a position on this, and it's going to have to be something other than the contortionist tricks they're been pulling for years.

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