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Sunday, April 21 2019 @ 08:03 PM UTC

Three Hour Bus Strike Tomorrow

Protests & Demonstrations Transportation union leaders have called for a three hour bus strike tomorrow, Thursday 26 April 2007, to protest over the rising cost of fuel and other basic materials such as tires and lubricants. Bus owners are asking the government to raise fares by $.05 cents to $.30 cents as a response to rising costs. Bus users responded, saying that fares were recently raised to $.25 cents and service was never improved as promised. Gas priced in Panama are adjusted every two weeks, and tomorrow a new hike takes effect. Bus owners and transportation union leaders have been threatening to strike for months, mostly in protest over the crackdown and improved enforcement measures taken after the fatal bus fire that killed 18 people in October of 2006. Every time bus owners threatened to strike the government responded by warning them that any effort to disrupt national transportation would be met with the suspension of permits and licenses, and this short mid-day strike is probably an effort by the transportation sector to regain some of their lost collective bargaining power. A mini-strike, if you will.
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