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Sunday, August 19 2018 @ 02:37 AM EDT

Busted with $500K in Cash

Crime & Punishment By JORGE D. GUTIÉRREZ SANJUR for the Panama America - Customs authorities seized about $512,000 thousand dollars in cash from a 24 year-old Mexican citizen who came from Mexico and had a layover in Panama. The money was hidden in a suitcase. The person carrying the suitcase tried to run from authorities but he was captured. A customs inspector told a television camera crew that they found the money yesterday when they decided to conduct a manual inspection of a flight that came in from Mexico late and with few passengers. The Mexican man remains in custody because he did not declare all of the money he was carrying. So far this year customs in Panama has seized $2.3 million dollars in cash.

Editor's Comment: Drugs go north, money comes south. And so it goes. Authorities in the middle try to bust both the drugs and the illegal cash. It's a relatively common thing to hear about "authorites busted someone at the airport carrying $xxx thousand dollars in cash," but a half a million is a lot of money. Maybe he wanted to buy a condo.

Aduanas decomisa B/.512 mil


Las autoridades de Aduanas decomisaron unos 512 mil dólares en efectivo a un ciudadano mexicano de 24 años que venía de su país a hacer escala en Panamá. El dinero venía oculto en una maleta. El arrestado intentó evadir a las autoridades, pero no le fue posible.

Un inspector aduanero señaló a medios televisivos que la acción se dio ayer, cuando decidieron realizar un operativo de revisión manual a un vuelo que venía de méxico, no tenía muchos pasajeros y estaba retrasado.

Al ciudadano se le mantiene bajo investigación porque no declaró todo el dinero que llevaba. En lo que va del año la entidad ha decomisado B/.2.3 millones.

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