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Monday, April 22 2019 @ 12:21 AM UTC

SUNTRACS Threaten (Lukewarm) Strike for May

Protests & Demonstrations By Saúl Quintero Quirós for El Siglo - The Board of Directors of the Construction Workers Union (SUNTRACS) will decide whether or not to call for a general strike, possibly in the month of May, according to the General Secretary of the union Genaro Lopez. Representatives from the union met yesterday in the gymnasium of Marañón. Lopez said they are waiting for the results of a tripartite commission (discussions held earlier with the government) because of the 468 construction sites in the country only four have been shut down for safety violations, and only eleven have been inspected.

Editor's Comment: SUNTRACS called a general meeting of their membership for yesterday afternoon in the Lion's Club gym in Marañón. By and large construction workers are enjoying a long string of steady and well-paying work, thanks to the construction boom in the country. Several workers have died in construction accidents so far this year, and this call for a labor stoppage is centered around allegations that government inspectors are not visiting work sites and forcing construction companies to comply with safety regulations. In reality it seems that Lopez overplayed his hand somewhat. Support for SUNTRACS among the general population of construction workers has been slipping in recent years. In effect, the workers have to pay 2% of their pay to the union, and they have a general (correct) perception that the union really is not doing all that much to protect their interests. Among the rank and file, union leaders are seen as generally self-serving. Lopez expected to come away from this meeting with a unified and solid call for a strike and he got a much less enthusiastic and lukewarm reception from the general body.


Amenazan con huelga en mayo

Saúl Quintero Quirós -

La Junta Directiva del Sindicato Único de Trabajadores de la Construcción y Similares, (SUNTRACS) será el que tome la decisión de irse a huelga, la cual tentativamente podría realizarse en el mes de mayo, aseguró el secretario general del gremio, Genaro López.

Durante la reunión, la cual se llevó a cabo en el gimnasio del Marañón, López expuso que la creación de la comisión tripartita no ha rendido los frutos esperados, porque sólo se han paralizado cuatro proyectos de los más de 468 que existen en el país y de estos sólo 11 han sido visitados.

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