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Wednesday, September 18 2019 @ 03:38 pm EDT

Creative Photography

Photos & PicturesThe photo albums "broke" during a recent server upgrade, and I have them running correctly again. I'm also starting to collect some special images of Panama in an album called Creative Photography. Most of the images I take are for work, to document an event or news story. Usually there is some level of human suffering involved, and I have photos that I'll never show anyone. Those serve to support the story or document the event but there's little joy involved. What I really enjoy is the creative and artistic side of photography. These photos are uploaded "full size" so to get the full impact be sure to click on the image to pull it all the way up. Now, if I can just get an artistic photo of a fish drinking a beer while playing golf, I'll have just about all of my hobbies covered in one shot. In any case, Salud.
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