Atronic heads back Panama

Thursday, May 10 2007 @ 11:37 AM UTC

Contributed by: Don Winner - Atronic, one of the leading suppliers of casino games, said it is looking forward to replicating the success of 2006 at this year’s SAGSE show in Panama. The exhibition, which is scheduled for June 14-15 will see Atronic present the latest products it has to offer. The German company will showcase for the first time the Eighth Wonder of the World King Kong Cash. “Featuring a four-level progressive jackpot and an exciting merchandising package, King Kong Cash is sure to be as successful as Universal Pictures epic adventure,” Atronic said. Still on the road of linked gaming, visitors to the Atronic booth will also get to experience The Game of Life, which is based on the best-selling board game by Hasbro. Atronic and Atronic Systems will be exhibiting at stand 48, level 4 at the Atlapa Convention Center, Panama City, Panama.

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