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Monday, September 23 2019 @ 01:24 pm EDT

Gorgona beach

Real EstateAbout an hour drive from Panama City one can find a Gorona beach. What a great place to relax, walk on a sand, take in some rays and forget the busy life of the city. Looking to buy a condo at a affordable price? It's still possible. We did a lot of research on Panama and ended up visiting it in April of 2006. With our rent car, we explored everything. From Panama City to Colon, from Pacific ocean to Atlantic. We were very impressed with Panama in general, with friendly people of Panama and especially the area of Gorgona Beach. We ended up purchasing a condominium overlooking the ocean, lots of palm trees and some small fishing boats in the distance. The view is priceless. There is a large grocery store about 10 minutes away. One can buy a fresh fish in the morning hours when the fishing bouts return with their daily catch. We are looking forward to our return to Panama next year. The cost of living is far better then here in USA. In few years we are going to retire and spend most of our time on Gorgona beach. Right now we'll keep coming back to visit and enjoy our newly found paradise. There is so much opportunity in Panama and now is the time to buy. If you are looking for a place overlooking the beach and ocean, this is a great opportunity. Write me and I'll be glad to send you more information.
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