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Saturday, February 16 2019 @ 11:47 PM UTC

FAQ: How Can I Get A Stun Gun?

Why Panama & Frequently Asked Questions Question: I would like to know how did you get your Panther stun gun. Can I order one online from the states? Are there any restrictions on having it imported to Panama? Where can I buy one in Panama City?

Answer: I bought mine used from a friend here in Panama City. I know others who have ordered them online and they entered the country through customs with no problems besides having to pay whatever import taxes. You might want to order one from eBay or something so that if it gets lost in the mail you're not out a whole lot of money. They do sell them in town at gun stores and at the Machetazo for example. You should get one that puts out as many volts as possible, uses two 9 volt batteries for juice, and that fits your hand comfortably. "Play" with it enough to get comfortable with it, and to be able to use it quickly if needed. Remember that if you energize the unit and pull the trigger you'll get the "zap" sound, but be careful because there will be a remaining static charge even after you let go of the trigger. These are not toys and should only be used by responsible adults in emergency situations as a non-lethal defensive measure. With all of that having been said, time to go wake up the cat... (grin)
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