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Tuesday, September 17 2019 @ 09:34 pm EDT

Excellent GPS Map Available from

Maps By Steve Magaric for - I have just released a new pricing structure on the GPS map of Panama. The full version including lifetime updates is still available for $299.00 and a new edition for $149.00 without updates. Updates will be $39.00 each. I also have a few second hand Garmin Street Pilot III’s for $399.00 and these come preloaded with the GPS map. The map is suitable for Garmin GPS receivers or PC’s and Handhelds with the appropriate software. The map features over 1100 points of interest including most police, fire and gas stations and a selection of restaurants, attractions and more. The map covers roads, rivers, parks, towns and traffic lights of the entire country and is routable with voice navigation on units supporting this feature. The map is available from the on-line store at Screenshots can be viewed here. If you would like more info, please contact me directly. Regards, Steve Magaric, Panama Zone

Editor's Comment: Let me put in a personal plug for Steve Magaric's GPS map. I use mine every day and it's right on the money. My little handheld GPS can only do so much, but the map has all details loaded such as one-way streets, ATM machines, emergency locations such as hospitals, police stations, etc. I've used it to wing my way around traffic jams through unfamiliar neighborhoods, and to do fun things like measure how far it is from the church to the hookers (grin...). Anyway, if you get a good GPS in your car and load up this map your clue bag will instantly get a lot fuller. Say you saw it here on Panama-Guide and maybe Steve will let me win our next game of 8-ball. Salud.

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