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Oasis Business Solutions - Serious Solutions for Serious Business

Professional Services Oasis Business Solutions specializes in the development and execution of business strategies and marketing plans for companies wishing to enter or strengthen their existing presence in the Central American market. We conduct in-depth research to analyze the market demand, competition, niche demographics, and potential market share for companies in every industry and sector. Working closely with our clients, we closely inspect all aspects of the business operations and prepare a feasible and realistic action plan to streamline operations, and make your business more time and cost efficient. We also coach management on effective leadership and management skills. Oasis Business Solutions is a consulting group comprised of a team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals with diverse backgrounds covering everything from pharmaceuticals & biotechnology to corporate finance, investment banking, mergers & acquisitions, real estate investment, agriculture, international trade, security, and more. (more)

Creation of Dynamic Strategic Business Plans: At Oasis we have over 37 years of combined experience in creating outstanding, dynamic business plans, operating plans, financial strategies and long range projections. Our clients have ranged from small start-ups to large fully integrated corporations – entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial ventures in a broad range of industries in 13 countries.

Market Research, Analysis, & Forecasting: Oasis has created numerous marketing plans and strategies for dozens of companies world-wide over the years. For example: A major biochemicals company needed an international market study, analysis and strategic plan. Oasis designed and conducted the study using phone, fax, internet and face-to-face interviews with industry leaders, top academics and government agencies in 21 countries. We presented a lengthy, detailed analysis and strategic assessment of the data, assisted the client in creating a new division within the company by combining and restructuring four existing divisions. We aided the client in designing and implementing a dynamic new international marketing strategy.

National & International Information Gathering and Analysis: Oasis has performed multiple national and international information gathering and analysis projects, researching competitive threats from companies, products and technologies. A European medical products company needed to know the market potential for a group of their products in the US. We researched the competition, products, technologies, markets and attitudes of the medical community related to the class of products they desired to market in the US. After a thorough, in-depth investigation and analysis we recommended that the best, revenue generating path for the client’s products would be for the client to license the products to the US company with the deepest market penetration in that area. We helped to select the licensee and aided in negotiating a profitable deal for our client.

Prospecting for New Business Opportunities: A small US defense contractor was about to lose all of its business because its technology had become obsolete. After extensive research and analysis, days of visioning and strategizing with the management and staff, Oasis created a strategy for the client that would capitalize on their existing knowledge and skill base while expanding into a new technology area. We indentified scientists and engineers that could facilitate this transition, assisted with the tasks of recruiting the needed employees, restructuring the company and helped to create a change management process that set the company on a new and highly successful path. A US biotechnology company wanted to introduce an HIV test kit, based on novel technology, into China. Oasis researched competing technologies and products, evaluated the alternative approaches to introducing this cutting edge technology to the Chinese medical community, the Chinese government and the existing diagnostic framework. We put together a highly qualified team of experts, identified potential marketing and distribution partners and helped to create the necessary joint venture structure to ensure successful production introduction.

Developing Business-to-Business Relationships: A small US-based medical technology needed to establish multiple relationships in Asia for purposes of product development and marketing and distribution. We researched all of the possibilities for each of the company’s needs relating them to quality, timeliness, local government regulations, cost, and medical community acceptance and made our recommendations to the client. We aided the client in setting up a clinical lab testing program with a Center that had international standing and was a WHO cancer research affiliate. Based on regional market penetration strengths, costs, reliability, integrity and ease of transactions, we recommended marketing and distribution partners for the client. Our recommendations were accepted and we set up the relationships for the client. A large US company wanted to acquire product-compatible smaller companies. One of the acquisition targets we found was an ideal fit for both parties. The smaller company refused to be acquired however. We helped to create a deal in which the larger company would get exclusive overseas marketing and distribution rights and the smaller company would retain US rights and receive significant payments of critically needed cash from the larger partner.

Creating and Executing Negotiation Strategies: A US-based technology company, which was owned by a Swedish conglomerate needed European manufacturing, marketing and distribution capability. After exhaustive research into all of the alternatives, we recommended that the client acquire a small UK company that, after retrofit and restructuring, would meet all of its needs. The acquisition target was operated by a local UK management team with oversight management provided by a German company, which in turn was owned by a Swiss holding company. We assisted the client in structuring the deal on very favorable terms and created a negotiating strategy. We conducted the negotiations for the client with attorneys and management from four countries around the table. In the end we succeeded in closing the deal on terms which totally favored our client’s interests.

Team Building, Recruitment, Screening and Hiring: A small technology company needed to create a new business unit to expand its operations. Oasis helped them to clarify the areas and specializations that they needed to have in order for this new venture to achieve success. Once these needs were identified we assisted the client in creating position descriptions, writing employee recruitment ads, interfacing with executive recruiters, conducting interviews and hiring the new personnel. A small manufacturing company needed to downsize and restructure. Oasis assisted the client in identifying which positions needed to be eliminated and how to reorganize operations consistent with the new staffing levels. We then helped the client identify new staffing needs to augment the newly structured operation. Oasis then aided the client in recruiting the necessary personnel to fulfill the company’s new structure and assisted them in creating a training program for the new hires and retained personnel to ensure a smooth transition into the “new” company.

Interim Executive Management Services: The client was about to complete the acquisition of a small processing company and needed to replace the CEO. Oasis provided interim executive management services at the CEO level for the eight month period that the client required in order to find and install a CEO. Oasis assisted in restructuring the company including setting up new marketing and distribution agreements. We aided the client in writing a position description for the new manager, identifying and interviewing candidates and in making the final selection for the new CEO. A biotechnology company was trying to position itself to be bought out. Oasis served as interim VP of Corporate Development in order to create the right structure, corporate climate and operating environment needed to facilitate a buyout. The company was successfully sold to a much larger corporation which immediately took the company public, with the deal structured in such a way that it gave the previous principals a large return on investment.

Business Creation: Have you started, or are you interested in starting a new venture, or do you have a development stage company anywhere in Central America? We at Oasis can assist you in bringing your business from inception all the way to success. Our highly skilled, broadly experienced and knowledgeable Oasis team, as well as our extensive network of outstanding business professionals will help you achieve your dreams in the fastest, easiest and most cost-effective manner possible.

Web and Graphic Design: Utilizing the latest tools and trends in web and graphic design, Oasis has created numerous websites, promotional flyers, advertisements, and corporate identity material. We specialize in creating custom designs to fit the specific image you want to portray to your target market. We also provide search engine optimization and online advertising services to ensure that your company has maximum visibility on the web. All designs are of the highest quality, and are priced very competitively. Please contact us to discuss your design needs and get a free price quote!

Stay Informed: Our newsletter provides valuable articles on living, investing, doing business, and retiring in Panama, Costa Rica, and the rest of Central America. Best of all, it's completely FREE!

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