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Thursday, September 19 2019 @ 02:10 am EDT

$15-a-cup java bound to be an eye-opener

Food & Drink Matthew Ramsey, CanWest News Service VANCOUVER -- Starting this morning, coffee drinkers in Vancouver will be able to sip some seriously expensive brew. At a staggering $15 per eight-ounce cup ($135 per half pound in bean form), the Panama-grown, 100-per-cent geisha varietal bean is the most expensive coffee ever to hit lips in this coffee-crazy city. Caffe Artigiano's five locations will start brewing it today, and despite the price, Hastings store manager Joaquin Quian is confident it will sell. The chain has 80 pounds of the black gold to carefully measure out. "I'm not saying this coffee is for everybody," Quian said. "Anybody in the industry would want to taste this." Quian said the beans are costly because they are grown in small quantities and were recently judged at a coffee competition as among the best on Earth. The coffee boasts delicate hints of orange blossom and jasmine and a sweet acidity that covers the drinker's entire palate, Quian said. It's best to drink it in slurps, he added, because as with fine wine, the flavour intensifies when mixed with air. The flavour is said to improve as the coffee cools. It's also best to make the coffee in a French press, Quian said. Coffee fans could put it through a drip machine and add cream, but Quian said that would be akin to using an excellent wine to make sangria or a spritzer. Perish the thought.
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