Pedro Miguel Gonzalez - Not A Done Deal

Thursday, August 30 2007 @ 12:10 pm EDT

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By José Edwin Sánchez M. for La Critica - Statements made yesterday by the Minister of the Presidency Ubaldino Real and Housing Minister Balbina Herrera leave open the possibilities that the last word has not been said with regards to the candidacy of deputy Pedro Miguel González to the presidency of the National Assembly of Deputies. The Minister of the Presidency, Ubaldino Real, said yesterday on Continent KW that Pedro Miguel is a man of great understanding who knows how to put the interests of the nation before his own. Later, Housing Minister Balbina Herrera said on the program "Análisis de la Noticia" that the election of González has conflicting positions and that there will be a political cost. "The possible election of Pedro Miguel will open old wounds, since there are people for and against. This is a decision that we have assumed and we will have to confront the positions that this carries," said Herrera. (more)

Editor's Comment: Another positive signal. Ubaldino Real's statement that Pedro Miguel Gonzalez is smart enough to recognize the damage he is doing to the country. It's going to be an interesting couple of days, but right now it looks like the wheels are falling off of the PMG train a little.

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In spite of this, she said that Pedro Miguel has the preparation to assume the position of the President of the National Assembly, and has demonstrated his capacity and leadership both internal and external to the party.

Pedro Miguel González was judged in the death of of US solider Zak Hernandez who was shot and killed in 1992 and was declared innocent by the authorities charged with administering justice in the country.

National Assembly deputy Rogelio Paredes, one of those who aspires to the position of the Presidency of the National Assembly, said that due to party discipline he will vote the PRD party line.

Opposition politician Ricardo Martinelli said it was an error to nominate Pedro Miguel Gonzalez for the Presidency of the National Assembly.

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José Edwin Sánchez M. | Crí­tica en Lí­nea

El polémico Pedro Miguel González

Declaraciones ofrecidas ayer por los ministros Ubaldino Renal y Balbina Herrera dejan entrever que no todo está dicho en cuanto a la candidatura del diputado Pedro Miguel González a la presidencia de la Asamblea Nacional de Diputados.

El ministro de la Presidencia, Ubaldino Real dijo ayer en KW Continente que Pedro Miguel es un hombre de gran desprendimiento que sabe anteponer los intereses particulares por los del paí­s.

Luego, la ministra de Vivienda, Balbina Herrera reconoció que en el programa "Análisis de la Noticia" que la elección del diputado González, tiene posiciones encontradas y que tendrá un costo polí­tico.

"La posible elección de Pedro Miguel abrirá viejas heridas, ya que tendremos personas a favor y en contra. Esa es una decisión que hemos asumido y tendremos que afrontar los cargos que esto acarrea", indicó Herrera.

No obstante reconoció que éste (Pedro Miguel) cuenta con la preparación para asumir el cargo de presidente de este Órgano, ya que ha demostrado capacidad y liderazgo a lo interno y externo del partido.

Pedro Miguel González fue juzgado por la muerte del soldado Zak Hernández ocurrida en 1992 y fue declarado inocente por las autoridades encargadas de impartir justicia en el paí­s.

En tanto, el diputado Rogelio Paredes, otro de los aspirantes a la Presidencia de la Asamblea, manifestó que pos disciplina partidaria, votará a favor de la lí­nea del PRD. Por su parte, el opositor Ricardo Martinelli manifestó que era un error poner como presidente de la Asamblea una persona que sólo

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