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Friday, May 24 2019 @ 09:16 AM UTC

Panama Canal expansion to open super-sized shipping by 2014

Canal Expansion - A major project to enlarge the Panama Canal -- the largest since its original construction -- began with a bang today when explosions leveled part of Paradise Hill in preparation for the construction of a new lane and locks that will double the shipping capacity of the canal. The multi billion-dollar project, under the auspices of the Panama Canal Authority, an autonomous agency of Panama's government, will double the waterway's capacity and allow for super-sized cargo ships to use the critical crossing. Both containerized and bulk grain cargoes are expected to benefit from the canal expansion. Completion of the project is expected by 2014, the 100th anniversary year of the canal. The Panama Canal Authority will conduct two important steps in selecting the global firm that will design and build the new locks during meetings at the site Sept. 12-13.
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