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Richard James Schueler - Friggin Spam King

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Richard James Schueler - Spam King
Richard James Schueler - Spam King

By DON WINNER for - Well, so much for the credibility of Richard James Schueler. For the record, that too about two hours, two emails, and three web searches to verify. Here's the deal. Bennett Haselton started in 1996 to represent the rights of people under 18 on the Internet and to debate freedom of speech. He sued Richard James Schueler and won, claiming he had received unsolicited email messages (spam) bearing deceptive information such as a forged return e-mail address or misleading subject line. Haselton's lawsuit against Schueler invoked Washington state's anti-spam law. (more)

I Contacted Bennett Haselton: When speaking to Richard James Schueler on the telephone yesterday, he flat-out denied that he was the "spam king." I now know that to be totally false. I contacted Bennett Haselton because he had successfully sued Schueler for being exactly that, the "spam king," and I wanted to make sure that I had the right Richard James Schueler. I asked Bennett Hasselton to compare notes, to make sure that I had the right guy.

Contact Information from the Court Case: Bennett Haselton provided me with the business address used by Richard James Schueler in this court case, which dates back to 26 March 2002. Here is a link to an article about the court case. Bennett Haselton provided me with the following address for Schueler from the court case:

  • Richard James Schueler
  • 2148 SW 38th St
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312
  • US
  • Phone: 954-454-1514

Summary of the Court Case: Here's the article from the court case between Bennett Haselton and Richard James Schueler:

  • beats spammers in court

  • By Gwendolyn Mariano,

  • Published on ZDNet News: Mar 26, 2002 12:25:00 PM

  • Free-speech group has won a legal round in its fight against unsolicited e-mail, invoking Washington state's anti-spam law.

  • The King County District Court in Bellevue, Wash., on Monday granted Peacefire $1,000 in damages in each of three complaints filed by Peacefire Webmaster Bennett Haselton. The small-claims suit alleged that Red Moss Media, Paulann Allison and Richard Schueler sent unsolicited commercial messages to Haselton that bore deceptive information such as a forged return e-mail address or misleading subject line.

  • Washington's tough anti-spam law bans such deceptive e-mail. Enacted four years ago, the law is one of the nation's first measures that sets standards for junk e-mailers and levies stiff fines for violators. In October, the Supreme Court refused to review a constitutional challenge to Washington's law.

  • California has a similar anti-spam law that requires marketers to place the letters "ADV" in the subject line, signifying an advertisement. It too has the support of the courts, with a state appeals court ruling the measure does not violate a clause of the U.S. Constitution.

  • Congress, however, has yet to pass federal legislation governing commercial e-mail, leaving consumers such as Haselton to seek protection under state laws. So far, Peacefire and Haselton have been victorious. In December, they won similar small-claims court rulings against four separate spammers for $500 each.

  • Monday's rulings "show there are non-technical means to fight back against spam," Haselton said. "I'm glad to live in a state where we have an effective anti-spam law, and I wish other states would pass similar laws or the federal government would pass one."

  • Red Moss Media and Schueler could not be immediately reached for comment; Allison declined to comment on the ruling.

Schueler Ties His Own Noose: The following comes from Richard James Schueler's website, which you can see by following this link:

  • "I started a Florida corporation Audio Ecstasy, Inc 1/03/2000 Link to the Florida Corporate register: I registered before October of 2000, and the first website looked like this: I moved into the office at 2148 SW 38th St. Dania, FL 33312. I physically moved not only my business but my home there. I lived in the front office of that warehouse for close to a year, I think, until we built an extra room in the back of the warehouse for a bed instead of sleeping on a couch."

Same Address as the Court Case: Notice that the street address and zip code are the same. Dania is a part of Fort Lauderdale. No doubt, it's the same guy. What's more, the following photo also came from Richard James Schueler's own website, which you can view at this link:

Still Not Convinced? Do a Google search on the phone number for this business, (954) 454-1514. When the results come up, hit "cached." You will be given a list of business addresses, which includes the following:

  • 954-454-1514
  • 2148 Sw 38th St
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312
  • 19.9MI from Boca Raton

From the Court Case: Remember that this is the telephone number and address used by Richard James Schueler in his court case with Bennett Haselton back in 2002. Again, from the email I received from Bennett Haselton, he said about Richard James Schueler:

  • "He called me on the phone once and admitted that he was the guy who sent the spam and made a lot of money from it. He said that if I sued him and won that he would "do every dirty trick in the world to get even". It sounded enough like a threat of illegal retribution that I almost notified the police, but I actually never heard from him again. Ironic that now he's being screwed over by some Panamanian lawyers."

  • "I just sued him because he spammed me and in Washington you can sue people who send you spam. Landing up in a Panamanian prison isn't something I'd wish on anyone, but I wouldn't be surprised if he were doing something illegal!"

Spam and Call Centers: Richard James Schueler does not have any problem admitting that he runs call centers. As a matter of fact he told me he came to Panama to establish his call center here in Panama because, as he put it, "in Florida you have to pay $12.00 an hour to people who work in call centers, and they barely have high school educations." So what's the connection between call centers and the Spam King? Here's how it works. The next time you get a piece of spam for Viagra, take a good look at it. I went through my deleted items and found this one:

  • buy now Viagra 100mg x 60 pills $129.95
  • Deandre Williams []
  • $69.95 buy now Viagra (Sildenafil) 100mg x 10 pills

How Spam Works: If it didn't work, then no one would be doing it. Richard James Schueler is making a lot of money in the spamming business, millions in fact. Here's an extract from an article entitled How Viagra Spam Works:

  • Click rates for email campaigns are difficult to know exactly - it largely depends on the campaign, the success in evading email filters, and the format of the email itself. However, generally speaking it is very low - reports suggest a typical figure of around 0.02%. Supposing the spammer sends 1 million emails in a day - not an unlikely figure given the ease of sending email - this means the spammer can expect to see 200 clicks through to the online pharmacy store.

  • Conversion rates are likely to be much higher - I would expect 1% to be a typical figure, but again, this can vary between campaigns. At this figure, then, the spammer can expect to see a handful of orders per million emails. Typical order values are quite high though - price breaks help push the lowest viable purchase to at least $100. If we assume $100 as the average transaction, 40% commission means the spammer will net $80 per million emails sent - all considered, not a bad return.

  • Of course, there are running costs involved - DSL lines, computers, email lists - but assuming the spammer can send a million emails a day, he/she will earn $29,200 per year - not a bad sum, considering the minimal work involved.

  • And if you scale up the figures - say the spammer has the capacity to send 5 million emails a day, and the capability to attain the same sort of conversion ratio, then the potential yearly earnings are $146,000 - an impressive amount by any standards.

  • Of course, there's a lot of competition out there - and only a limited number of erectile dysfunction sufferers, so these figures have to bottom out somewhere. As spam filters get better, conversion ratios will drop, so the harder a spammer has to work to hit those targets. I'm not confident in the example figures quoted in this article - there are too many factors to accurately predict conversion ratios and conversion rates. But, my email inbox will attest to the same - there certainly must be more than a few individuals out there making a living from this virtual form of 'hard' drug pushing. And all it takes is a few emails...

Anyway, That's Enough of That: No doubt about it anymore, Richard James Schueler is the same "spam king" - in this own words:

  • "My name is Richard Schueler I'm a 23 year old Multi-Millionare and I'm inviting you to Learn How to Spam Millions of People Per Day like I do. I used to work for and now I operate my own Online Pharmacy Business, and is the single largest SPAM E-mail marketing company in the world today. Efficient Systems of Dania, Florida proudly sends OVER 600 MILLION SPAM E-MAILS PER DAY, every single day, through a rapidly growing network of saavy and Kick-ASS aggressive worldwide marketing partners and also through our rapidly growing in-house e-mail marketing team to wage an agressive, currently $60 Million dollars per year "numbers game". We are directly responsible for up to 70% of the online Viagra and Pharmacy E-Mail SPAM generated sales on the net today and by far the largest E-Mail Marketing operation of this kind in the world, bar none! When it comes to numbers, ours are DEFINATELY the HIGHEST! - FACT - FACT -FACT !!!!

That's it, I'm outta here: Enough on Richard James Schueler. He's lied to me repeatedly, and now I don't believe a damn thing that comes out of his mouth. He's trying to make himself look as good as he can, playing the "boo-hoo poor victim" rap, and I fully suspect that he made a string of bone-head decisions that brought most of this stuff down on him. And, for the record, since he told me in April that he was concerned about the IRS, and then hung up the phone when I asked him about it again, I fully suspect that he is not in total compliance. But then again, what do I know. Legat - 207-7170. Woof, woof...

You Get In My Shit, I Get In Yours: Richard James Schueler would be much better served to just shut the hell up, go back to running his business in Florida, and working with his lawyers to resolve his legal cases in Panama. By trying to first "enroll" or "recruit" me as his mouthpiece, and then turning on me when his master plan didn't work out quite right, Schueler has just pissed me off. And while I don't get paid to run around flipping over rocks to look for worms, I just might make an exception in this case and spend some more time looking into the activities of Richard James Schueler in Panama. Schueler has now decided that it is in his best interest to try to smear me, for simply telling the truth about him, which he apparently finds embarrassing. As my mom would say, "tough titties."

Copyright 2007 by Don Winner for Go ahead and use whatever you like as long as you credit the source. Salud.

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