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Wednesday, September 18 2019 @ 03:39 pm EDT

Hookers, Hookers, In The House?

Jetset Elegancia Intl - Shut Down for Lack of Permits
Jetset Elegancia Intl - Shut Down for Lack of Permits
La Prensa - The massage parlor Jet Set Elegancia Intl, which operated inside of house #8 on 57th Street and Ricardo Arango Ave, was closed yesterday by the Panama City Municipal office. The establishment operated in the location although the zoning did not allow for that type of activity, said Lourdes Guerra, the Justice of the Peace of Bella Vista. The business had a commercial license issued by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, but did not have permissions for the construction and renovations that had been done to the residence. During the inspection Guerra observed massage equipment.

Editor's Comment: Another player drops off of the radar in Panama's international sex tourism industry. These guys popped onto the scene about two months ago, and were promptly shut down as soon as word of their existence spread through the Internet whore-monger community. Just do a Google on Jetset Elegancia Intl and you will see the chatter which has only been going on for a month or so. People like this that want to run a shadow location need to take a page from the Colombian hookers and just place discreet ads in the classified sections of the newspapers. As soon as you hang out an Internet website "shingle" then the feds are going to come around looking to check your stinking badges... For example, if you check the "Personals" section of the classified ads in La Prensa today, you'll see an ad for this place - "• C420. 263-2015, 263-0798. Jetset Elegancia Intl. prestigioso Centro de SPA. Personal internacional. Exclusivo e innovador en el país. •" If you're going to be that up front, you need to have all your permits in line. The also are advertising in the classified section of Epasa (Panama America and La Critica) here. I just checked their website - they packed up and left. Oh well.

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Vía rápida

Municipio cierra casa de masaje

SIN PERMISO. La sala de masaje Jetset Elegancia Intl, que operaba dentro de la residencia número ocho en calle 57 y avenida Ricardo Arango, fue cerrada ayer por el Municipio de Panamá. El establecimiento operaba en el lugar, aunque la zonificación no correspondía al tipo de actividad que desarrollaba, dijo Lourdes Guerra, corregidora del Bella Vista.

El local tenía licencia comercial expedida por el Ministerio de Comercio e Industrias, pero no tenía permisos de construcción para las remodelaciones hechas a la residencia. Durante la visita de Guerra se observó que había equipos para dar masajes.

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