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Tuesday, May 21 2019 @ 10:34 PM UTC

What Part Of "Blow It Out Your Ass" Did You Not Understand?

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Ok, Wait For It...
Ok, Wait For It...
La Prensa - The Commerce Secretary of the United States, Carlos Gutiérrez, yesterday requested that the Congress establish a date to vote on the Free Trade Agreements between the United States and Colombia and Panama. "We have to see a date and a plan that says when they will vote on the agreements with Colombia and Panama, and that is what we are asking for," said Gutiérrez during a visit to the port of Baltimore, in Maryland. The Senate Finance Committee and the House Ways and Means Committee not yet have determined when they will consider those two treaties, which needs to happen before the agreements can proceed to a vote before the full congress.

Editor's Comment: The Executive Branch of the US Government is doing all that it can. In reality those guys are Republicans, and there's an election coming up next year. The congress is controlled by Democrats, and both the House and Senate have signaled (really clearly) that they are not going to touch Panama as long as Pedro Miguel Gonzalez is still the President of the National Assembly. Period. Thanks for playing. We know you want the Free Trade Agreement passed. Thanks for asking. It's called being "tied up in committee" and the Free Trade Agreement can sit right there for years. Diplo-speak for "blow it out your ass, in real life Technicolor." Or, "pound sand" if you prefer. Politicians can't speak freely, because that would be considered impolite. They just sit there, and smile. (grin)... Hey Allan, let me know when you're ready to wash my car. It's kinda dirty...

Piden a Congreso de EU poner fecha a TLC

WASHINGTON. El secretario de Comercio de Estados Unidos, Carlos Gutiérrez, pidió ayer al Congreso que ponga fecha a la votación sobre los tratados de libre comercio de su país con Colombia y Panamá.

"Tenemos que ver una fecha y un plan que diga cuándo se votará sobre los acuerdos con Colombia y Panamá, y eso es lo que pedimos", dijo Gutiérrez durante una visita al puerto de Baltimore, en Maryland. El Comité de Finanzas del Senado y el Comité de Medios y Arbitrios en la cámara baja aún no han determinado cuándo analizarán esos dos tratados, que necesitan pasar por esos órganos antes de llegar al pleno. EFE

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What Part Of "Blow It Out Your Ass" Did You Not Understand?
Authored by: Anonymous on Sunday, October 07 2007 @ 02:24 AM UTC

Kudos on your picture selection! The bikini clad Canadian was fun but this ape takes the cake!