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Friday, May 24 2019 @ 01:01 PM UTC

Torrijos Announces Intent to Veto Transportation Law

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Martin Torrijos Reaches for the Veto Pen
Martin Torrijos Reaches for the Veto Pen
By Flor Mizrachi Angel Flor Bocharel for La Prensa - Panama's President Martin Torrijos announced yesterday amid multiple complaints about the recently passed law governing public transportation, that he intends to veto the law. The National Assembly approved the law six days ago in the third and final debate. Torrijos did not specify if he will veto the total bill or just some articles (the Panamanian president has line-item veto power), but said that he would like to see more equality of opportunities between users and providers of transportation. In the law as passed, there will be four people on the Board of Directors of the Ground Transportation and Transit Authority (ATTT) representing carriers or bus owners, and only two spots for people representing the concerns of public transportation users. Yesterday eleven different civic organizations, among them Panama's Ombudsman, The Pro City Alliance, the Panamanian Association of Business Executives, the Federation of Chambers of Commerce, the Transportation Users Commission of 23 October, and the Ecumenical Council, all expressed their displeasure with the new law. They are all basically in agreement in their opposition to three primary elements of the law: the composition of the board of directors of the ATTT, the indemnification of carriers, and the ability to hand down certificates to operate. Torrijos has 24 days to determine if the bill passed by the National Assembly becomes the law of the land or not.

Editor's Comment: Good for Martin. So far Panama's National Assembly under the control of Pedro Miguel Gonzalez has managed to pass one law, and it's crap. I'll just choose to blame him. But then again I try to blame everything on Pedro Miguel Gonzalez. There's got to be some serious internal PRD politics at play because this kind of thing simply did not happen when Elias Castillo was running the show over there. Hey, that's actually not a bad plan - just let the National Assembly burn time drawing up bad law, and then veto everything. Martin has already taken a 37 days off the clock...


Torrijos anuncia veto

Once agrupaciones manifestaron su descontento con la ley del transporte aprobada por la Asamblea.

Los dardos apuntan a lo mismo: la junta directiva, las indemnizaciones y los certificados de operación. Flor Mizrachi AngelFlor Bocharel

El presidente de la República, Martín Torrijos, anunció ayer –en medio de multiplicidad de quejas– que vetará la ley de transporte, aprobada hace seis días en tercer debate en la Asamblea Nacional.

El gobernante no precisó si la vetará parcial o totalmente, pero aseguró que lo que busca es que haya igualdad de oportunidades entre los usuarios y los transportistas. Los diputados aprobaron a cuatro transportistas y a dos usuarios en la directiva de la Autoridad de Tránsito y Transporte Terrestre (ATTT).

Ayer, 11 agrupaciones –entre ellas la Defensoría del Pueblo, Alianza Pro Ciudad, la Asociación Panameña de Ejecutivos de Empresa, la Federación de Cámaras de Comercio, la Comisión de Usuarios del Transporte Movimiento 23 de Octubre y el Consejo Ecuménico– manifestaron su descontento con la nueva ley.

Las quejas coinciden: la conformación de la junta directiva de la ATTT, la indemnización a los transportistas y la sucesión del certificado de operación.

A Torrijos le quedan 24 días para decidir si lo aprobado por la Asamblea se convierte en ley de la República o no.

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