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Wednesday, September 18 2019 @ 10:31 pm EDT

Coming to Panama? Maybe You Should Hire a Guide...

What is PG?Yeah, my secret is out - I'm in it for the money. I would like to make it officially known that I am available for hire on a daily basis to do just about whatever you need done. Well, within limits, of course. Mostly so far I've taken people around on guided tours with a real estate slant - not really showing any particular properties or projects, but rather on a kind of geographical orientation tour. Showing people the pros and cons of living in Panama City compared to the mountains compared to the beaches compared to the "real" interior of the country. I also do some standard tour guide stuff for couples, individuals, or small groups. I can also work as a facilitator for getting things done in immigration or other government hoops, particularly when you can't seem to get it done yourself. I can drive like a Panamanian taxi cab driver, speak fluent Spanish, have a Special Operations background, and have lived here for twenty years. If that fits your bill then give me a call in Panama at (507) 399-4750 or cell (507) 6614-0451 or email me at . Salud.
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