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Saturday, May 25 2019 @ 11:31 AM UTC

Organizations Asking for a Boost to the Minimum Wage

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Protesting for a Higher Minimum Wage
Protesting for a Higher Minimum Wage
By Juan Limachi for La Critica - Popular organizations are asking Panama's government to increase the minimum wage to be better able to face rising costs of living. A wage increase will help the growth of the internal market and will contribute to the increase of the buying capacity of 67% of the young population, said Horacio Rivera yesterday, an investigator of the Institute of National Studies (IDEN.) "The ideal minimum wage should be established at $400 per month. Only with this amount is it possible for workers to satisfy their basic necessities," he said. According to Rivera, the present minimum wage has not been adjusted to the current reality of the high costs of life, and the people finds itself more and more "drowning" because they work only to be able to eat. (more)

Editor's Comment: The average Panamanian works 45 hours per week, Monday through Friday and then a half day on Saturday. In a month that adds up to 180 hours. At the current minimum wage of $284.00 per month, that works out to $1.57 per hour. An increase to $400.00 per month would boost that to $2.22 per hour. There were several protests "against the high cost of living" last week. But what the protesters are really asking for is more money to pay those bills and expenses.

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"With a wage of $284.00 per month it is not possible to pay for electricity, water, telephone, clothing, transportation, or other basic necessities," he emphasized.

Rivera added that any increase in wages will have a greater benefit to the entire country, because companies will also see an increase in sales which will cause a beneficial circle for all the sectors of the national economy.

Other popular civic groups as well as labor unions have called upon the national government for a general increase in wages, based on the inflationary tendencies being realized in Panama.

Other popular organizations maintain that the minimum wage must have a base of B/.500.00 per month.

Salario mínimo debe ser de B/.400

Organizaciones sindicales han solicitado al Gobierno Nacional un aumento general de salario.

Juan Limachi | Crítica en Línea

Organizaciones populares han solicitado al Gobierno un aumento de salario para poder enfrentar el alto costo de la Canasta Básica de Alimentos.

Un aumento de salarios ayudará al crecimiento del mercado interno y contribuirá al aumento de la capacidad adquisitiva del 67% de la población joven, indicó ayer el investigador del Instituto de Estudios Nacionales (IDEN), Horacio Rivera.

"El salario mínimo ideal debe quedar establecido en B/.400.00; sólo con este monto se podrá satisfacer las necesidades básicas de los trabajadores", afirmó.

De acuerdo a Rivera, el salario mínimo actual no se ajusta a la realidad del alto costo de la vida y la población se encuentra cada vez más "ahogada", porque sólo trabaja para comer.

"Con el salario de B/.284.00 no se puede pagar la luz, agua, teléfono, transporte ni vestido, que también son necesidades básicas", puntualizó.

El estudioso del IDEN precisó que, con el aumento el mayor beneficiado será el país, porque las empresas también aumentarán sus ventas y propiciará un círculo beneficioso para todos los sectores de la economía nacional.

Por otra parte, grupos de fuerzas Viva, Crítica en Líneas y agrupaciones sindicales han solicitado al Gobierno Nacional un aumento general de salarios, acorde con la tendencia inflacionaria que se vive en el mundo.

Otras organizaciones populares sostienen que el salario mínimo debe tener una base de B/.500.00.

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Organizations Asking for a Boost to the Minimum Wage
Authored by: Anonymous on Wednesday, October 22 2008 @ 08:49 PM UTC

When the canal was transfer to the panamenians, every panamenian citizen became stock holders of the canal. Why then we still traying to feed our children with the few penies we make in those low paying jobs? where is all the money from the canal going???

Organizations Asking for a Boost to the Minimum Wage
Authored by: Anonymous on Saturday, December 27 2008 @ 12:58 PM UTC

Minimum wage enforcement is a price fix on labor in the market place. It results in greater costs all the way 'round. It costs more for business owners and operators. They begin working more for less, can afford fewer employees, and the cost of the service and/or good in the market goes up. This happens at every level in the supply chain, starting with raw commodities and compounding. As a result the fewer people who are now working also pay more for everything. The economy suffers from this poison. The only solution later will be to apply a band-aid, then sutures, then transplants, and eventually life support until death (of the centrally-planned hybrid-economy).

Aside from unintended consequences of minimum wage in the market place, minimum wage does not require that a terrible employee rise to the needs of the job in the workplace, especially since the Ministerio de Trabajo can require severance from the employer.

Economics does not care about how much rice is on someone's plate, but demands that they be ever more efficient and diligent in their work and negotiate for their compensation.