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Thursday, May 23 2019 @ 05:02 PM UTC

Ships collide in northern Greece, one crew missing

Canal Daily Operation ATHENS, Oct 17 (Reuters) - A cargo ship sank after colliding with another vessel near the northern Greek port of Thessaloniki on Wednesday and a crew member was missing, the merchant marine ministry said. "The Panama-flagged motorship Dubai Guardian collided with the Diamond 1 motorship at 1150 (0850GMT) and the latter sank," a ministry official, speaking on condition of anonymity, told Reuters. "One of the crew members is still missing, probably the captain, while all others have been picked up." She said the Diamond 1 was most likely a Greek-registered vessel. It was not yet clear why the ships collided.

Editor's Comment: Before you rate this article with a "1" I know that most of the English speaking expatriates in Panama don't care much about the sinking of a Panama flagged merchant vessel. But please understand that Panama has the largest merchant marine fleet in the world. As such, and due to the flagging agreements and preconditions, there are many Panamanians serving on those vessels around the world as officers and engineers. And of course these kinds of articles are of interest to those who watch the international shipping community as well. So, the content of the article might not be important to you, but that does not make it a "bad" article or mean that it's not important to some one else. I see people giving "bad" ranks to articles all the time, not based on the content but rather whether or not the content is important to them. In these kinds of cases, I would suggest that you just skip over it and not rank it at all.

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