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Tuesday, June 25 2019 @ 04:00 AM UTC

Fred Salaff Out of Panama

Expat Tales FJS Corp - (LOS ANGELES, CA) -- Last week we heard from Fred Salaff that he has landed safely in Los Angeles after surviving his nearly three year ordeal in Panama which included seven months incarceration in some of the worst jails in the world. Fred was declared innocent after his April 27th trial. The prosecutor appealed the sentence to a higher court but this appeal was denied. The government in Panama still has Fred’s equipment and possessions taken from his infamous house in Veracruz, outside of Panama City. The house was the site of a Devils Film production where Fred and 8 others were arrested for “corruption of minors.” Kids climbed a neighbor’s tree and peeped over his 10 foot wall while police and a private security firm hired by Fred were guarding the house. The prosecutor made the case that Fred should have known that his 10 foot wall was not high enough to keep kids from watching from a neighbor’s tree.

Editor's Comment: Fred screwed up by asking for permission to film a porno movie in Veracruz. He wanted to make sure he was complying with all local laws and regulations so he asked first - "what do I need to do?" That caught them off guard, but he basically got permission before filming anything. Fred had a 10-foot tall privacy wall around his house in Veracruz and was using the backyard as a "set." At the time of the filming the actors were performing, the sound guy was recording the grunts and groans, the cameras were rolling - and kids from the neighborhood were up in the trees next door checking it out. All of this happened like three years ago. Police raided the scene and threw everyone in jail. The Russian porn stars and film crews were let go but they kept Fred in jail for a few months before finally letting him go on a bond. In any case, he's back in the US now, and it just goes to show ya what happens when you ask permission...

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The kids evaded the eyes of the police and the security firm by hiding high up in the trees. Fred was never accused of hiring under age performers nor “pressuring” prostitutes or screwing up any paperwork. The prosecutor even praised Fred for running a very professional operation out of the Veracruz house.

“All my documents were in order; including a letter from the government stating that adult video production was legal, HIV and STD medical exam certificates, and a certificate of incorporation for my local company,” stated Fred in an recent intrerview to AINews.

Now that Fred is back in Los Angeles he is seeking new directing jobs and is talking to old contacts. He can be contacted at 954-856-0254 or his email:

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