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Wednesday, September 18 2019 @ 10:12 pm EDT

Latest Link Swapper - Nip and Tuck Panama

What is PG?

By DON WINNER for - Welcome aboard to our latest link swapper - Nip and Tuck Panama. From their website: "In more recent years we have also focused on the potential of Medical Tourism to the central and South American Region. Medical tourism is a completely new phenomenon. We formally plan and develop Medical Tourism packages for Dental, Cosmetic and Surgical procedures, seeking and finding significant cost saving benefits without sacrificing high quality healthcare." Hey, just a little off the top, OK? Lots of people combine elective surgery with vacation travel so they can recover someplace nice without having to explain everything to their nosy neighbor Helga Sombakavitch. Anyway, more free advertising. Climb aboard, the water's fine.

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