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Tuesday, June 25 2019 @ 04:32 AM UTC

Joshua Anay - Disgruntled Rex Freeman Former Insider

Money Matters

By DON WINNER for - This is the first negative communication I've received about Rex Freeman from someone who is negative about him and his operations. I have also received information from someone who calls himself "Dr. Gonzo" in Costa Rica, who I think is one of the disgruntled ex-employees who started the legal action against Freeman. This guy, Joshua Anay, still lists himself as "a member of the Executive Council with the Venture Resources Group." So apparently this guy is another disgruntled ex-employee or insider and not a former investor or someone who either lost money or was "ripped off" by Freeman - I'm still waiting for that one. Anay originally posted this as a comment to an earlier article and I'm pushing it up front here to give it fair play. I will be contacting both Freeman and Anay to hear their respective versions, and will present my take on it (for what it's worth) later. (more)

Why This Stuff Matters: Tired of hearing about Rex Freeman? Not going to invest with him anyway? Got it, and I understand. But check this out - go to Google and do a quick search on the name "Rex Freeman". You will see the first article presented is a smear piece from The Panama News. All of the other stuff written by Freeman comes later. That's why Freeman is suing Eric Jackson, over those articles.

Is Jackson Right? I don't know. What's probably going on is that people like this Joshua Anay guy and other disgruntled former employees with a serious bone to pick contacted Eric Jackson and gave him an "information dump" on Freeman, all of it negative and designed to slam Freeman as hard as possible. Did Jackson make any kind of an effort to present some kind of a "fair and balanced" view of the Rex Freeman situation? No way, never. That's not his style. Eric Jackson is a kind of journalistic hit man who specializes in one-sided smear campaigns. All he needs is a a hint of truth and then he takes it from there - spin full-on.

So, What's The Truth With Anay? Don't know yet. I have to talk to both Anay and Freeman to see what the real deal is. But I have to ask - if Anay is so anti-Freeman why does he still list his association with VRG on an on-line resume of this talents and past experience? He's currently in the Tampa Bay, Florida area, giving on-line advice for the real estate market. He's also looking for houses "that I can buy at 65% of the Market Value." I bet.

Going To Give Him A Call: I now have a telephone number, so I'll give him a call later today at a decent hour. And, please read his "bitch piece" below carefully - even this guy, who is complaining about things like getting a driver's license in Costa Rica and making photocopies of copyrighted material, says Rex refunded his money to him. So, even he can't stay he was ripped off by Freeman. Whatever, you're smart. Read it all and make up your own mind. And with all of that having been said by way of preamble, here's the comments I received from Joshua Anay:

  • Authored by: joshuaaney on Friday, November 16 2007 @ 08:47 PM EST

  • Alright, I'm tired of hearing these "supporters" of Rex Freeman bash people because they are claiming that he's a fraud. You say you haven't heard from anyone who claims to have done business with him and felt ripped off?

  • Well let me tell you the same story that I have relayed to Eric Jackson, and at one time relayed 1600+ people who I had on the line to join VRG back in 2005.

  • 1. Rex solicited investment money from VRG members in 2005 to place in the VRG "CFD Account". He used the claim of an "inside source" in the oil industry to fire everyone up to let him use their money to trade Crude Oil. I'm sure he does have an inside source, because his prediction was dead-on. But rather than make money, he claims that he lost the bulk of it due to "market volitility" and being a novice at trading Crude oil.

  • Now, how is it professional to solicit investment money if you know that you're a novice trader?

  • But more importantly, I explained to him that it looked very much like he was using members money to trade and keeping the profits for himself. Rather than deny what I said, he freaked out and banned me from communicating with other VRG members............

  • 2. I was on his "executive council" for VRG. The minute that we, as a council, began to question his intentions with VRG, he dismantled the council and banned all council members from posting in the VRG forum.

  • What were we questioning? Well, VRG is sold as a program "for those who have money and want to manage it better; and for those who need more money to manage" We, as a council, did not understand why his only activity seemed to be soliciting members to invest in his programs. He used to shut us down for even suggesting that we do something to help members who needed more money to invest. The majority of VRG members fell into this category and were complaining to us on a daily basis that they were not getting what it was that they bought into.

  • 3. At the time, WE were building the VRG program. He sold it as if it was "world class" when it was a weak "shell" of a program, at best.

  • 4. I visited Rex in 2005, in Costa Rica. I paid him $500 to obtain a Costa Rica Driver's License, which he explained to me that I could drive in America with.

  • First, I have been pulled over with that license and laughed at. Second, I'm sure it's illegal in Costa Rica to sell a government issued ID.

  • 5. The VRG "members benefits package" includes illegally reproduced photocopies of two manuals: "Technical Analysis of The Financial Markets" and "Trading Like The Big Dogs" by Peter Bain. I don't care how you slice it, that is illegal.

  • I could go on for days about the smoke and mirrors that this guy put in front of everyone.

  • I will say something good about him, though. He refunded all of my investment money, and bought back 2 corporations that I bought from him. He did this after I repeatedly threatened to alert the authorities as to the scams that he was pulling; and after I finally threatened to come back to CR and take what was rightfully mine.

  • Rex is a bullshit artist. End of story.


  • Josh

  • P.S. Do an interview with rex and ask him about Josh. When his brain shifts into defensive mode, you'll be able to tell because he'll start ranting and calling me names.

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That's It, As Written: I didn't change a word (or correct the typos, like "market volitility"). Hey, I make more typos and spelling mistakes than anyone on the planet, so don't hold that against the guy. What I was trying to say is that I posted Anay's rant faithfully, as he wrote it. Now, I'm going to talk to both of them, and report on that. You see, journalists just need something to write about, and it's not my job to make up your mind for you. You, the reader, is perfectly capable of doing that all by yourself. I just need a conflict with people on both sides of the issue to talk to, and along those lines I'm awaiting a written response to Joshua Anay's complaints from Rex Freeman. And to be perfectly honest I really don't care which of these two guys is "right." The truth usually comes out in the end anyway so trying to "spin" the information is like tilting at windmills as I see it. Both dumb and futile. Later...

Copyright 2007 by Don Winner for Go ahead and use whatever you like as long as you credit the source. Salud.

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Joshua Aney - Disgruntled Rex Freeman Former Insider
Authored by: Anonymous on Monday, November 19 2007 @ 02:35 AM UTC

Hi Don,

I'll gladly do an interview with you after Rex has a chance to rebut my claims. I do, however, want to clarify a few things:

1. My last name is Aney.

2. I was a VRG member, in VRG's early days, and was chosen by Rex to be a member of the VRG executive council. This was due to my marketing abilities, and the fact that I very quickly brought a lot of people into VRG. I was never an employee.

3. Rex did attempt to rip me off.

4. I included the part about Rex refunding my investment money to report the entire story, and to refrain from appearing one-sided. The point is that Rex only refunded my money after I went through a whole lot of stress over it. Believe me when I tell you that he did not plan on doing this. He just didn't want me to cause problems for him.

5. I contacted Eric Jackson after he reported on Rex. I made contact because I was floored that Rex is trying to take legal action on someone who called him out on the truth.

6. I do not still claim an affiliation with VRG. What you pulled up online is old information.