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Friday, August 23 2019 @ 11:03 pm EDT

Panamanian Selling Imported Rice at .30 cents per Pound

Food & Drink La Critica - Panamanian President Martín Torrijos eats a plate of imported rice of the "Compita" brand yesterday that the government is distributing through a system of fairs at a price of .30 cents per pound. It remains to be seen if the government's efforts to make cheaper rice available will reduce the numbers of people protesting against inflation on Transístmica.

Editor's Comment: Panama is a rice producing country and usually there is enough rice grown locally to supply domestic consumption. Imported rice is relatively uncommon and the government takes steps to protect domestic producers. This year it became apparent domestic production would be insufficient to meet domestic demand so the government purchased rice on the international market and is making it available to the general public through "free fairs." People can buy as much as ten pounds at a time for $3.00, and each individual is limited to buying only ten pounds. In addition, the rice is being offered through several "popular" or lower priced grocery stores such as the XTra, but the prices are controlled and the stores can not charge more than the .30 cents per pound established by the government. Rice is the most important staple in the Panamanian diet. You can't mess with the "arroz con pollo..."

Arroz pelao

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Presidente Martín Torrijos. (Foto: Jorge Silot / EPASA)

El Presidente Martín Torrijos se metió ayer un plato de arroz importado, marca "Compita", que el gobierno está distribuyendo en ferias libres a 30 centavos la libra.

Habrá que ver si el menú de arroz pelao del gobierno le quita clientela a las comilonas de las protestas por el costo de la vida en la Transístmica.

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