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Saturday, August 24 2019 @ 11:26 am EDT

Authorities Seize Sauces Containing Lead from 14 Chinese Restaurants in Panama City

Food & Drink La Critica - Some 500 bottles of food coloring containing lead were seized from 14 Chinese food restaurants, according to the Director of the Panamanian Food Safety Authority (AUPSA) Gilberto Real. He said samples were sent to the Specialized Analysis Institute where scientific studies indicated that the sauces, named Permicoll Egg Yellow Powder, contain more than 2.0 of lead making it dangerous for human consumption. In addition he indicated that in the past foods containing lead were discovered in the month of September in a clandestine warehouse containing foreign foods that had entered the country illegally. The seized bottles were not in the registry and the labels on the bottles did not list the ingredients used for their manufacture.

Editor's Comment: I shouldn't have to mention this, but if you're out there in the interior somewhere you might want to think twice about eating Chinese food for a few days at least. You know, to give it a chance for the supply chain to clean itself out. Back when there was a "Don Lee" restaurant on Farfan when the US military was still here, health inspectors from the base hospital found "gato solo" (coatimundi) carcases hanging in the meat locker. When they asked the restaurant manager if they were serving that to the customers, he said "What, are you nuts? Those are for us. We catch them here and take them home - those things taste great. You guys get chicken." The restaurant was unceremoniously closed on the spot. (True story.)

Detectan frascos de salsa con plomo en 14 restaurantes chinos



Cerca de 500 frascos, con un colorante de comidas que contenía plomo, fueron decomisados de 14 restaurantes de comida china, según informó el administrador de la Autoridad Panameña de Seguridad de Alimentos (AUPSA) Gilberto Real.

El funcionario indicó que la sustancia decomisada fue enviada al Instituto Especializado de Análisis donde, luego de unos análisis, se determinó que las salsas, denominadas Permicoll Egg Yellow Powder, contenían más de 2,0 de plomo haciéndolo nocivo a las personas.

Además manifestó que ese compuesto químico fue encontrado, el pasado mes de septiembre en un depósito clandestino donde se almacenaban alimentos extranjeros que ingresaron ilegalmente al país.

Los frascos decomisados no contaban con registro y en su etiqueta no estaban escrito los ingredientes utilizados para su fabricación.

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