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Tuesday, May 21 2019 @ 10:31 PM UTC

Corn Growers Negotiating to Sell 90% of Crop for Ethanol Production

Foreign Direct Investment By Gilberto Pérez for La Estrella de Panama - With an investment of about $20 million dollars, businessmen from Spain are considering the development of a processing plant to produce Ethanol in Los Santos. The businessmen have been showing their interest since 2007, and have maintained conversations with the Association of Producers of Corn and Sorghum of Los Santos, according to their President Valentín Domínguez. Gonzalo Cambefort, the Director of the Institute of Farming Trade, said the project could basically absorb the national production of corn and cause an increase in the demand and therefore domestic prices, and that before this kind of project is put in place farmers should first augment production to supply the plant. At the moment there is not enough corn grown in Panama to supply domestic consumption.

Editor's Comment: Sure, why not. Again, fuel from plants is basically a good thing - renewable energy. We're talking about this now because when oil is at $30 a barrel it doesn't make sense economically. Ethanol production uses field corn—most of which is fed to livestock, not humans. In fact, only the starch portion of the corn kernel is used to produce ethanol. The vitamins, minerals, proteins and fiber are converted to other products including sweeteners, corn oil and high-value livestock feed—feed which helps livestock producers add to the overall food supply.


Maiceros negocian venta del 90% de producción con España

Director del IMA dice que esto puede afectar abastecimiento nacional

Gilberto Pérez

Con una inversión de unos $20 millones, empresarios españoles buscan desarrollar una planta procesadora para producir etanol en Los Santos.

Los empresarios han mostrado su interés desde el 2007 sosteniendo diversas conversaciones con la Asociación de Productores de Maíz y Sorgo de Los Santos, así lo manifestó su presidente Valentín Domínguez.

Gonzalo Cambefort, director del Instituto de Mercadeo Agropecuario, dijo que el proyecto podría trastocar la producción nacional y desabastecer la demanda del grano, y que antes se debe aumentar la producción, que no logra actualmente abastecer el consumo nacional.

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