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Monday, September 23 2019 @ 02:22 pm EDT

Now 1,901 Construction Permits Granted in Panama City

Construction & InteriorsBy Deivis Eliecer Cerrud for the Panama America - Masses of concrete continue rising in Panama City. As of 28 December 2007 there have been 1,901 construction permits granted in the city. As of October 2007 there were 1,234 permits granted (indicating a sharp rise in the last three months of the year.) City planners criticized the explosion of construction and growth, saying that the government officials are not thinking about the effect on the environment, since drainage systems to handle sewer and runoff waters are over tasked. In Bella Vista, San Francisco, and Ancon buildings higher that 22 floors are going up. Most of the apartments are sold before construction starts.

Editor's Comment: I stick by my predictions - there is nothing in the Panamanian economy right now indicated that the end to the construction boom is coming any time soon. International and domestic buyers continue to snap up inventory almost as soon as it's offered. There are some construction delays, but many buildings are being completed and delivered. Developers are finishing off the buildings they started two or three years ago and are moving on to newer and bigger projects. The Panamanian economy continues to grow and improve overall, hampered somewhat by inflation caused mostly by external factors such as rising fuel prices. Unemployment is down to 6.5% (or lower) and basically things have never been better. There are significant issues remaining to be overcome, specifically corruption (and even more specifically judicial corruption), but in general everyone is smiling. In short, the people who have been "nay saying" for more than a year are quite simply being proven wrong by events on the ground. Expect occasional burps, farts, and growing pains, and it's not going to be either perfect or pretty, but in the end of the day the construction boom in Panama is continuing along at a healthy gallop. Wanna buy a condo?

Aumentan permisos

Deivis Eliecer Cerrud PA-DIGITAL

La moles de concreto siguen levantándose en la ciudad de Panamá.

Hasta el 28 de diciembre de 2007, en la ciudad se otorgaron 1,901 permisos de construcción.

Hasta octubre pasado habían 1,234 permisos.

Los urbanistas criticaron que no se piensa en las afectaciones al entorno, ya que las aguas negras y pluviales se desbordan.

En sectores de Bella Vista, San Francisco y Ancón se erigen edificios de más de 22 pisos.

Muchos apartamentos están vendidos.

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Now 1,901 Construction Permits Granted in Panama City
Authored by: Anonymous on Saturday, February 09 2008 @ 06:41 pm EST

1901 Construction permits...not one more street improved...not one more manhole cover replaced..not one more sidewalk fixed and worst of all...not one more traffic light added or engineering upgraded to deal with the daily unnecessary PC gridlock...I have never understood the Panamanian government that sets the weekly price of gas, and knows the low wages that most people make and then insures that the people waste it by sitting or crawling in traffic...realizing that Panamanian drivers may just run the lights anyway, the addition of just a handful would solve huge issues....I know.. I know....manana...