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Sunday, September 22 2019 @ 09:56 am EDT

Photos of SUNTRACS and Sutdents Strike

Protests & Demonstrations

By DON WINNER for - Several people have been sending me photos of the strikes and demonstrations today. Several have asked to remain anonymous, primarily because they don't want the protesters knowing who's taking pictures of them. I went down to Transistmica today and got around behind the striking university students for about an hour. This article is a collection of the photos I've received from readers and a few I've taken myself. Thanks, and keep 'em coming... (more)

Protesting construction workers light tires on fire in the highway to block the road. Taken from a high rise building looking down on the Southern Corridor where it runs through Punta Pacifica.

Striking construction workers have the road closed and are apparently taking a break. This is a closer view of the Southern Corridor where it runs through Punta Pacifica.

Protesting construction workers coming down from both sides of the street to close the Southern Corridor.

A hand held video taken near the Atlapa Convention Center in San Francisco. Directly to your front on this side of the street is the "Jimmy's" restaurant. To your right in the video is the Atlapa Convention Center, and straight ahead is the overpass and cloverleaf for the Southern Corridor.

Taken near Atlapa this morning.

Riot Police run the gauntlet through striking SUNTRACS construction workers near the Atlapa convention center.

OK, somebody ask the riot police, at what point does it become a good idea to gas the commuters who are sitting in their cars on the Southern Corridor?

A long-standing agreement between the government and those who routinely close the streets in protest is that both sides will allow all emergency medical vehicles such as ambulances to pass through. This morning, this was the first ambulance to run through the protesters who had closed the Southern Corridor near Punta Pacifica.

At about 3:30 pm in the afternoon today, riot control police continued to exchange rocks and tear gas on Transistmica near the University of Panama. I walked in from the tuba Muerto side of the confrontations and got "behind" the students. And, as usual, the same guys (adults) who are always around when the university students are protesting were running the show from behind the front lines. (Photo: Don Winner)

Just Like In LA: This afternoon near the University of Panama, someone (I think it was Telemetro Channel 13) hired a helicopter to overfly the city and videotape the riots. (Photo: Don Winner)

This is the road that runs down to Transistmica in front of the La Salle school, a scene where police and construction workers exchanged rocks and tear gas fire earlier in the day. The street was littered with large rocks, and this car had one stuck underneath. (Photo: Don Winner)

Students near the University of Panama kept up a running battle with the riot police all afternoon. They didn't quit until 6:20 pm. (Photo: Don Winner)

Copyright 2008 by Don Winner for Go ahead and use whatever you like as long as you credit the source. Salud.

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