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Thursday, April 26 2018 @ 10:57 AM EDT

Follow-up on the Mark Boswell (Rex Freeman) "Expose"

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By DON WINNER for - I emailed Rex Freeman yesterday, and told him "Please call me now. I have an article on my screen that I’m about to publish. It’s going out if I talk to you or not. Get back to me as soon as humanly possible." Rex replied with the following this morning (published in full, as written, no editing on my part:)

Hi Don, I saw the article. It's old news yes and to understand what it means one has to understand the setting at the time of the arrests. (more)

First the charges: Criminal Impersonation (of myself), Fraud by Check ( I used a private negotiable instrument with full disclosure and it was accepted with full knowledge by the party)

During these days I was director of the American Law Club which was a grass roots legal research group and was very active teaching people how the law works and how to use the law to protect one's right from institutional abuse. At this time I also had a radio show called 'The Citizens Rights Forum' which was a different media for the same activity. For this, some call me a wacko extremist! Que sera, sera.

In the process of learning the law, our group was becoming very effective in nullifying traffic tickets, we were very effective in fighting IRS abuse, we were doing regular court watching to observe illegal procedures going on there, we were showing people how to remove their vehicles from the state registration system and reclaim them as allodial property (lawfully) and a whole lot more. Further, whenever the situation required it, such as egregious police abuse or misuse of the courts, we were quite effective in filing civil rights suits in Federal Court and using other private commercial means to exact justice from the 'business as usual' crowd in government.

Naturally, this was very good for reclaiming and protecting the rights of the people and our group was becoming quite popular. But this was not good for the grip (and business) of the institutional tyrants.. Imagine if everyone knew how to reclaim their private property and remove their vehicles from state registration, what that would do to revenues for the State?

Having little group meetings and seminars was one thing, but when I hit the airwaves on the radio, it became another story. I quickly became a target. At this time the 10:00 o'clock news started a smear campaign on several stations, police were following members of our group around to intimidate and the game was on. Smear campaigns are nothing new to me.

I had not had a drivers license for some time and instead used a private identification document which contained my own, real given name. I used my given name without my family name because that was unique to me. Latin Americans use two of the three names they have as a matter of everyday business.

One time I was actually assisting one of our members in court who had been thrown in jail. I got the judge to issue me a court order granting unlimited visiting privileges (he wasn't using an attorney) and when I presented my private ID to the jailers, they didn't know what to do about it.

As I left the jail from my visit, they used an illegal pretextual stop to try and find out who I was. It was a very interesting encounter and when the first cop couldn't figure out what to do with me, he soon had a whole flotilla of backup surrounding me. The ticket they eventually issued was later nullified due to my posturing the cop to violate my rights, and I just so happened to have the entire encounter recorded on tape which I later played to my listeners of the radio show. Well, you can imagine this led to a declaration of war against me and the rest is history.

I defended myself without an attorney in both cases. I beat the impersonation charge the first time and had a ball doing it. They underestimated me and actually allowed me to put on a defense which was their mistake. They later tried it again (double jeopardy) and this time the judge did not allow a defense and my key exculpatory exhibits turned up missing. So they finally got their conviction on two counts and yes, I did my time.

On the check charge, I presented a private negotiable instrument with a cover letter explaining in full detail the nature of the instrument, what it was, and how to redeem it to a car leasing outfit. They accepted it when they had every opportunity to object or simply refuse it. Later, after they accepted it and released the title, they changed their mind and since it was not a Federal Reserve Banking instrument, which I clearly told them (I can give you the documents) they trumped up fraud charges and came after me.

I was truly looking forward to trying this case as it was fraught with errors and I would have the opportunity to establish some critical issues on the record which would be great precedent on the miney issue. But after the railroad job on the impersonation case, I could see the writing on the wall and these charges were quite serious in the penalty phase, so I had little choice and copped a plea. I got them to run the sentences concurrent, so it did me no more damage in the end. They simply wanted it on the record and they got it. I was the example they could use for 'people like me'. The whole story is actually quite amusing how we had these government minions running in circles, but that'll have to wait for my book.

In both cases, what we have is 'victim-less crimes against the state' and there's no other way to put it. Am I a criminal? I do have a record, yes. Have I ever defrauded anyone...No! Everything above is well documented and witnessed by many.

To this day the joke in Colorado is: "Look out ! Here he comes again! Hide the children, he's likely to impersonate himself again, right in public !":

The fact is, Jackson will try to get some traction with it, but it won't help him in his case one iota. He doesn't have the law or the facts on his side at all, so all he has left is the public opinion and trust of his readers which he is abusing. Ornstein had better watch his P's and Q's because we don't tolerate abuse coming from anyone and he's in our sights.

We're on the verge of winning one defamation case in Costa Rica, likely to be filing another there, Jackson is on thin ice which is cracking underneath him and as you can see, we've gone against much more powerful forces in the past compared to these jokers, and without any hesitation. We are quite used to being in the trenches and fighting for what's right and nobody should ever underestimate our commitment to that.

It's just sad that the world is filled with so many idiots and a--holes

And so the battles for justice around the world continue.....


(Added Later in an additional follow-up)

As a follow up to my email, and the fact that Eric Jackson's 'Breaking News' is instead 'Old News',

I've had my story online for many months now.....



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Follow-up on the Mark Boswell (Rex Freeman) "Expose" | 1 comments | Create New Account
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Follow-up on the Mark Boswell (Rex Freeman) "Expose"
Authored by: Anonymous on Wednesday, March 18 2009 @ 10:40 AM EDT

Don Winner could not be more wrong about Rex Freeman. Rex swindled my elderly father out of 103,000 US dollars by recommending that he sell his IRA in the US and wiring it to Costa Rica. This was done and Rex called my father and told him that he had received the funds. He was hard selling his computer generated currency trading program at his annual meeting at the La Playa Bonito resort in May 2006. My father was never able to access his account, or see what happened to his money. The many requests for return of his money as my mother's health with Alzheimer's dz. was worstening.Those requests were never answered. His money was suppposedly transferred to VRG's credit union that was set up in Sweden and lists his wife Eve Reed as one of the three founders. In checking with the Sweedish government banking officials they said that this credit union was never registered. In addition Rex Freemen and Eve Reed sold my Dad a Panamian Corporation and Foundation for $4500.00. This was done with the assistance of a former VRG representative here in New Mexico that had gotten into VRG on the ground floor. My Dad also had to pay penalties and taxes on the wire transfered funds. so the actual losses were closer to 150K with was ~ 1/2 of his net worth. I have wire transfer docujments and e-mails confirming all of this is true. The NM Vrg representative was thrrown out of VRG by Rex, and then tolkd me that Rex was a crook and that he lost a large sum of money also that was never refunded. All of this was done behind my back with the assistance of the NM VRG representative, and I didn't find out about any of this until roughly 4 months later. I stated to the VRG rep. who was the husband of a longtime friend and former employee of mine, that I wanted my Dad's financial to be no more than $5000.00 until we determined that this was a viable, legitament and profitable "investment group". I also put in $5000.00 to VRG through this NM Rep. and was never able to confirm that an account was even set up in my name. I have checks to verify this. I know that the NM rep. traveled to Costa Rica a number of times and was involved in some currency trading there for Rex/VRG. The articles I have read seem to reflect Rex Freeman/ Mark Boswell in a positive light. I will agree that he is a very slick and polished swindler, alsong with his wife. Have you solicited comments from others that have been swindled by Rex? I am sure that many exist. All victims can feel free to contact me and share there stories and information. Perhaps you if you are fair and unbiased can assist in recovering my fathers money since you apparently have rex's ear? At least you have feet on the ground there. Slso kindly supply the Panamian agencies that I can make a complaint to as Eric Jackson has, but I have misplaced. Hopefully this website isn't financially supported by Rex Freeman. I will be plesantly surprised if this is posted. I can be contacted at:

Dr Warren Wilson

2260 Calle de Alifas
Los Lunas, New Mexico 87031