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Tuesday, March 04 2008 @ 10:02 PM UTC

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(Press Release) The Panama International Merchandise Mart (PIMM) is currently under development near Panama's Colon Free Zone and is Latin America's first wholesale merchandise mart. Now you can book a showroom, office and or condo at PIMM's new website ( When you do, projections prove you can make US$2 million in sales, with lower overhead, in your first year. Are you a manufacturer, wholesaler, importer or exporter that wants to access the Latin American marketplace through PIMM? What does a showroom in the Panama International Merchandise Mart offer? Statistics released by ECLAC, the World Bank, the IMF and others prove that Latin American economies grew by between 4% and 5% in 2007. As a result, consumer spending is up. (more)

Panama is the trading and commerce center of the region and is the home of PIMM. A showroom includes benefits, among others, such as:

A location in the world's largest Merchandise Mart.

Financing of 40% of the purchase price over 2 years and financing of the 60% balance for 20 years through a local bank located in Panama's famous International Banking Center.

No tax on profits, and no corporate, sales or income taxes.

A 'business-friendly' Visa policy, especially when compared with the U.S. and Europe.

Business incentives in a secure offshore domicile.

Location in a stable, dollarized Democracy.

Does the Panama International Merchandise Mart represent a profitable investment?

PIMM has been featured in Forbes, Fortune, Wall Street Journal, Japan Times, Business Week China, Financial Times, India Today, El Mundo, ABC News and others.

Reynald H. Katz, CEO and President of PIMM states, 'Do you need proof? We have already sold over 800 showrooms." Katz explains why, 'Manufacturers will have a unique opportunity to be in permanent direct contact with Latin American wholesalers that often cannot travel to the U.S. or other markets because of visa restrictions. PIMM effectively gives Latin American, Caribbean and foreign wholesale buyers the opportunity to purchase merchandise from thousands of manufacturers from around the world under one roof. We have showrooms and offices from $2,500 per square meter, which are a third of what you pay in Europe, China and the U.S. You won't find anything at that price in Beijing, where you'll be paying $10,000 minimum. Or, in other wholesale marts that offer showrooms at US$300,000 a year."

How do you reserve your showroom in the Panama International Merchandise Mart?

The PIMM site ( is currently available in English and Spanish. From either, you can go to 'The Project/Project View or El Proyecto/Vistas del Proyecto' and choose your building and showroom from PIMM's interactive floor plan. For more information regarding showrooms or PIMM, contact

About the Panama International Merchandise Mart

PIMM is offering manufacturers, exporters, wholesalers, distributors, sales agents and business people from around the world the chance to rent or buy a permanent showroom in a unique international wholesale mart environment. This mini-city will contain 6,800 showrooms in 34 buildings, a convention center, 10 office blocks, on-site condominium buildings and four hotels, along with complete infrastructure and it is close to the Panama Canal and Colon Free Zone (2nd largest in the world). PIMM construction will begin in 2008 and will be completed in early 2010. As a brand, negotiations are now under way for PIMMs in the U.S., China, India and South Africa.

Contact Information: Panama International Merchandise Mart - PIMM Panama City Panama Contact Person: Reynald Katz CEO Phone: +507-391-0505 email: email Web: Press Information: Panama International Merchandise Mart - PIMM Panama City Panama Contact Person: Reynald Katz CEO Phone: +507-391-0505 email: email Web:

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