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Tuesday, May 21 2019 @ 10:32 PM UTC

"Hillbilly Bandit" Michael Sanders - Not Going Anywhere

Crime & Punishment

By DON WINNER for - Whew, that was close. Yesterday afternoon immigration officials were coordinating the deportation of the 'hillbilly bandit" Michael Sanders on an immigration rap. Panama had coordinated with the Consulate of the United States to deport Sanders who was in Panama illegally, without a visa or proper documentation. To be clear Panama was deporting Sanders, and the United States was not asking for his extradition. As far as US officials knew there are no charges pending against Sanders in the US. So, if he managed to get on a plane then he would have been able to practically slip away from the one-man crime wave he generated in Panama. This afternoon Panamanian immigration authorities officially and formally canceled their plans to deport Sanders, and rather handed him over to the Auxiliary Prosecutor for further investigation. (more)

Not A Small Time Guy: Michael Sanders started off in Panama as a small time confidence man and nickel-and-dime scammer. He would hit people for $120 here and there and get by on what he could leech out of people. For example, one of his scams was telling Colombian hookers he could get them a Visa to the United States if they would give him a copy of their passport and $100 bucks. He might have started small but he eventually worked his way up to the big-time. He latched into a couple who had a lot of money, and when it was all over he had apparently provided information to a group of Panamanian armed robbers. Hey apparently conducted a seven man home invasion robbery based on information provided by Sanders. They got away with more than $750,000 worth of valuables and jewelry.

Is There A Reward? If anyone deserves a reward for putting Michael Sanders in jail it's David Ursprung who spotted him in Chitré and notified the authorities. Sanders scammed Ursprung for $120 back in 2006. Sanders also managed to get a copy of Ursprung's passport which he altered and used to assume Ursprung's identity. David found out about this and filed a criminal complaint with the PTJ. Shortly thereafter Sanders disappeared. Just by dumb luck some eighteen months later David spotted Sanders walking down the street in Chitré and followed him until he could flag down a street cop. When re realized what was going on Sanders took off running and tried to run away from the police officer on foot, but the bicycle cop chased him down and made the bust. So, if there's a reward, please pay it to the "Real" David Ursprung.

File Your Complaints: There are probably dozens of people out there who have been victimized by this guy, and now's your chance to get to the DIJ and file your criminal complaint against him. The "big one" is being done right now and the Auxiliary Prosecutor is all over it. In any case, he's not likely to be going anywhere for a long time.

Copyright 2008 by Don Winner for Go ahead and use whatever you like as long as you credit the source. Salud.

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