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Saturday, May 25 2019 @ 10:51 AM UTC

Police Seize 1,572 Kilos of Cocaine in Los Santos

Crime & Punishment By Zenaida Vásquez for La Critica - Police seized 1,572 kilos of cocaine in "Operation High Seas 2" this past Sunday. The seizure occurred near the mouth of the Purio river in the province of Los Santos. Police officers exchanged gunfire with Colombians Jorge Mayorga Flores and Luis Felipe Hurtado, who were traveling in a "go-fast" speedboat loaded down with drugs. They had an AK-47 on board, as well as a full set of sophisticated communication equipment including two satellite telephones. The boat they were in had four 200 horsepower motors.

Editor's Comment: Buying some nice beach front property? If you're ever on a beach in Panama at night and you see or hear what looks like strange activity, go the other way - you might have just stumbled into a drug smuggling operation.

"Rantan" de pichi

Zenaida Vásquez | Crítica en Línea

1,572 kilos de cocaína incautados.

Unos 1,572 kilos de cocaína fueron incautados el domingo en la operación "Alta Mar 2", desarrollada en la desembocadura del río Purio, en la provincia de Los Santos .

Agentes de la Policía intercambiaron disparos con los colombianos Jorge Mayorga Flores, de 44 años, y Luis Felipe Hurtado, de 38, quienes viajaban en una lancha rápida y portaban un fusil AK-47, un equipo completo de comunicación, 2 teléfonos satelitales y 1 lancha rápida con 4 motores de 200 caballos de fuerza.

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