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Newly Build Home For Sale in Vista Valle - Near Pacific Beaches

Real Estate Custom designed by Ulises Quiros, Villa Azul was built with care and close supervision is now ready for occupancy! The house is part of the Vista Valle designed community of about 76 building sites located 100 km (60 miles) from Panama City west of the Panama Canal. The house sits on a hilltop facing the Pacific Ocean with terrific views. The terrain of rolling hills and small streams is about 220 m (over 700 ft) above sea level featuring year-round cooling mountain breezes and comfortable temperatures. The house and site design maximizes "indoor/outdoor" living concepts, as well as capturing natural breezes and great views. Available now and ready for immediate occupancy, the developers are offering this fabulous house with 330 square meters (3,550 square feet) of overall living area at a discounted price of just $269,000 to entice the first residents to move into the new Vista Valle development. Finished in teak and built to last with tender loving care, at this price this house is practically a Christmas present for the lucky buyer. (more) (Note: Updated information 29 March 2008)

Architectural Drawing: This is the concept drawing of the plans for the house before it was built.

A Great House on a Large Lot: The 4,700 square meter (1.16 acres) site is accessed at the end of a cul-de-sac. It features more than 100 m (320 ft) along a year round stream, and connects to the development green areas with over 2 km of walking trails that meander along the river running through the development.

The Green Lot on This Map: The house sits on the lot colored in green on this map.

View from the lower level private master bedroom suite looking out toward the back of the house.

The two private master bedroom suites and an additional en-suite guest bedroom each have a balcony or terrace from which you can enjoy beautiful views of rolling verdant hills all the way to the Pacific Ocean. There is an enclosed two car garage. The floor plan consists of a very livable overall area of 330 sq m (3,550 sq ft) with 210 sq m (2,300 sq ft) of air conditioned, high quality living space. The landscaping is designed to enhance the naturalness of the site, while protecting the view and privacy of the balconies, terraces, large windows and doors.

Lots of Teak in the Finish: This is a view of the living room and dining room area looking back toward the front door. In this view you can appreciate the teak ceilings.

A View of the Land and House from Behind: This photo shows the back of the house and the surrounding land, taken from the back corner of the lot.

This custom home is located on the road to El Valle in the Vista Valle Nature Development only 20 km from the town of El Valle and even closer to beaches and towns along the Intercontinental Highway. It is high enough to have cooler weather and gentle mountain breezes with views out to the ocean from most of the home sites. This community has ample green areas with trails meandering along the small streams and places to sit and watch water falls and pools for fish and wild life, creating a retreat like atmosphere. Location is 8 km up the road to El Valle then you turn off to the left just after the blue colored school of El Copecito. Proceed about 300 meters and the project is on the left side of the road.

Looking Back from Across the Valley: This photo was taken from the other side of the river looking back towards the Northeast.

Directions to the Property: Leaving Panama City drive toward the interior along the Inter American Highway. Turn to the right at kilometer marker 97, the road that goes toward El Valle. From there go another 8 kilometers and turn left at the small school in the town of Copecito. Go 300 meters and the project is on the left hand side of this road.

A River Runs Through It: The property is bordered on one side by a beautiful river that runs all year long. Of course, it runs harder in the rainy season than now in the end of the dry season. The water in the river attracts birds and other wildlife to the area. All of the rivers running through the development have been set aside as green areas, parks, nature trails and common areas.

What's Close By: There is a new Super 99 grocery store and shopping mall going in at the entrance to the turn off to El Valle which will be only 8 km from the Vista Valle project. The property is located only 11 kilometers (6.8 miles) from the nearest beach and about 15 kilometers (9.3 miles) from Coronado and the existing shopping plaza, the El Rey grocery store.

Waterfall on the River: This waterfall is right next to the house, down in the river valley.

Activities in the Area: There are several fantastic golf courses nearby located at the Coronado, Vista Mar, and Decameron resorts. Most of the beach resorts sell either partial memberships or day passes for visitors. Living at Vista Valle has the advantage of being at a slightly higher elevation to enjoy fantastic breezes and great views in a location only a few minutes from the best beaches in Panama and only a 1.5 hour drive to downtown Panama.

More Photos? If you would like to see more photos of this house please follow this link to the media gallery featuring photos of the house and surrounding area.

Lots in Vista Valle: This development sits on a total land area of 33 hectares being subdivided into a total of 76 home sites. The developers built this house as a model for the Vista Valle development, and now want to sell the model to bring in the first residents to the area. They "over built" the house to some degree, it's very large and spacious and exquisitely finished with fine teak hardwoods (the developers also manage reforestation projects so they have access to a lot of teak.) In any case, it's one heck of a house for the price, and they have really dropped the price down to a break-even level to entice the first residents for their new development. Already more than 20 lots of the 76 total have been sold and will be built within three years. If you are more interested in purchasing land for future building or development please contact me for additional information on the specific lots available in Vista Valle.

Homeowners Association: There will be a monthly fee of $160 to pay for the security guard, water system, and maintenance of the common areas. The homeowners association will be run completely and entirely by the owners themselves who will receive and manage the funds. They will have complete control over how the money is allocated so later homeowners in the Vista Valle development can decide to raise, lower, or eliminate those fees (it will be up to them.)

Relatively Firm Price: This site, including all landscaping and home are now available for $269,000. The developers basically just want to get back the capital they have invested in this house, so I've been told there's not much negotiating room in the price. They're practically just giving it away for what they've got invested in it.

No Property Taxes: This house qualifies for and is registered for a 20 year property tax exoneration. It's brand new construction so there will be no property taxes on the building for 20 the next 20 years.

Easy Transfer of Ownership: This house has been placed in a Panamanian Corporation specifically to simplify ownership transfer. Buying this house really could not get any easier - if you decide you want to buy the house the owners simply transfer ownership of the corporation to you and you're done. All legal paperwork has already been completed so transfer of ownership will be quick, easy, and painless. What more could you ask for?

Move-In Condition: If you're daunted by the prospect of buying an empty lot and building your own home in a foreign country then this house is for you. All of the little finishing touches are being completed right now - basically just small detail work really. The house is ready for immediate occupancy, and all of the work has been done for you.

Another View of the Living Room: There is one master bedroom on the ground floor. The stairs lead up to another large bedroom on the back side of the house with great views toward the ocean and another smaller guest suite with views toward the mountains. Either of the large master bedrooms can be used as the primary sleeping quarters. There is a large jacuzzi tub in the bathroom on the first floor. So, if you don't want to deal with stairs then you can just use the first floor master bedroom as your primary and leave the upstairs master bedroom for all of your best friends who will (now) most certainly be coming to visit you in Panama. The door to the right in this photo leads to the ground level Master Bedroom suite.

Discussion Forum: I've created this discussion forum to take and answer any questions about this house that's for sale or the lots in the Vista Valle development. As they say the only bad question is the one that's not asked, so please feel free to fire away.

Why I Like This Deal: There are several fundamental reasons why I like this offer:

  • Large Lot: This house sits on a 4,700 square meter lot, almost half a hectare in size, much larger than you normally get within developments or communities of this kind.

  • The House Is Done: I've seen this place and it's very nice. The construction style is "rustic" meaning it looks good, it's fully functional, and it fits nicely into the surrounding feel of the area. And having done quite a few construction projects myself I know how much of an advantage it is to have a completely finished house you can just move into. No muss, no fuss.

  • The House Itself: When I walked into this house the first word that came to mind was "sweet..." It's just a very nice house, well built and situated, lots of space, very roomy, and the teak finishes give it a very warm feeling (even though it's not yet occupied.) It's got plenty of room both inside and out for whatever you might want to do.

  • The River: Having a water feature running next to the property is a big plus for me. The house sits up on a hill so there's no chance of flooding, no matter how much water falls from the sky. And, having the water nearby draws birds and other wildlife, which is just nice.

  • Location: The house is only 11 kilometers from the ocean so it's a quick and easy drive down the hill to go to the beach. The entire area along the highway down closer to the water is growing quickly and there are a lot of developments going in, but those guys are down at sea level (hotter) and they are not going to have the privacy offered by this place. So, you're close enough to take advantage of the improving infrastructure in the area, but far enough away to live in peace.

  • Emergency Healthcare: The availability of quality emergency medical care always becomes a concern for anyone living in the interior of the country and away from the excellent health care facilities available in Panama City. There is a new medical facility currently under construction just a few hundred meters down the road past the El Rey supermarket. This facility will be owned and operated by the San Fernando hospital and is a quick and easy drive from the Vista Valle development in case of emergency. The developers are also going to be coordinating with the Life Flight emergency medical air ambulance service to establish an approved helicopter landing zone in the area.

  • The Price: To put it all in a nutshell this house is a great deal for the price. I like to recommend properties like this because I know the eventual buyer (whoever that is) will be getting a great deal. In short, the math works well.

Contact Information: If you would like more information on this property please contact:

  • Don Winner

  • Telephone in Panama: +011 (507) 399-4750

  • Cell Phone: +011 (507) 6614-0451

  • Via Email:

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