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Tuesday, February 19 2019 @ 03:46 PM UTC

The Rex Freeman Arrest Warrant in Costa Rica

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By DON WINNER for - Last week Eric Jackson from The Panama News posted a link to what is supposedly an arrest warrant for Mark Boswell (a.k.a. Rex Freeman) in Costa Rica. In response John Carlson said the following in this post to the Americans in Panama Yahoo! email group: "I am happy to report that another of these scumbags is, apparently, about to be suffering his long-overdue day of reckoning, his 'just deserts', as evidenced by a Costa Rican government warrant for his arrest." Then he questioned my position regarding Mark Boswell (Rex Freeman.) I wanted to take the opportunity to both recognize the existence of the Costa Rican arrest warrant for Mark Boswell, as well as open up this entire topic for discussion on a new discussion forum to talk about it. And, I just talked to Rex. (more)

First of all, Who Has Time For This Crap? This entire "Rex Freeman" story is basically a huge time-sucking hole as far as I'm concerned. I asked Rex about the apparent arrest warrant in Costa Rica, and here is his response:

  • Hi Don, I've reviewed the link you sent. Every indication from what I can tell (the text is not real clear) is that this is stemming from the same case that is still being 'investigated' . This is the case started by Andres Jimenez, the one who we threw out of the office and disassociated ourselves from who is now seeking his revenge and who is also Jackson's 'source'. I left Costa Rica in October 2006. The warrant was dated at Aug. 2007. If I was 'running' because of this (as some would rumor), then it would confirm that I am undoubtedly a clairvoyant which I'm not particularly known for. It appears that when they couldn't find me to serve a summons to appear for a deposition in the case, the warrant was issued to find me as a part of the investigative process, not because of any formal charges. There are no charges in the case that has been filed yet as of this date, there won't be in the future and there certainly were no formal charges at that time, just after the bogus complaint was filed and the investigation had only just begun.

  • The chickens will come home to roost. Have no fear about that. I'll get further confirmation on this from my attorney, Alvaro Jimenez Calderon and have him confirm the details with you directly so you have your own direct pipeline to the facts. I hope this helps your understanding.

  • Keep up the good, unbiased, fair and objective reporting. You're about all we have in Panama ! Rex

A Couple of Follow-Up Emails: Then after this first response, Rex sent two more emails later as a follow-up to the first as he learned more about the warrant:

  • Hi Don, Just for clarification: When I moved to Panama, I did not leave Costa Rica. We still maintain the very same office we've had for almost 5 years now, it is open almost every day, I have the same associates I started with in the beginning which is now 7 years ago, all of whom are rallying to my side to fend off this unscrupulous and devious attack on me and the good name of our trade marked business there. Since the date of this so-called warrant, I have been in and out of Costa Rica (front door of the airport) without a single incident. Makes you wonder ?? Just for the record.

  • Hi Don, Just got off the phone with my attorney, Alvaro. (no he's not a mechanic on the side) thought you might like to know....

  • #1.... No judge or prosecutor has ever authorized a resolution to have me arrested.

  • #2.... The document you see on the net is unsigned. How does that settle with you?

  • #3.... Anybody can put something together, enter it into the file and get it date stamped. Hmmmmm !

  • #4.... It is a crime in Costa Rica for unauthorized persons to access case files and misuse this information as is being done here. Ooops!

  • Stay tuned. The the more that some people seem to want to fan the flames, the more smoke comes right back in their face! This case will gets more interesting....We'll see who's a criminal and who's not ! Rex

Which Leads To The Obvious Question: Rex Freeman is saying that this arrest warrant Eric Jackson published on his website is a fabrication. That no judge or prosecutor has signed an arrest warrant (on one hand) and then on the other hand he says that it's illegal to publish anything from a case file. So, Rex Freeman is apparently saying that it's both bogus and, if real, then publishing it would be a criminal offense in Costa Rica. But the obvious question is this - did Eric Jackson make a telephone call to the office in Costa Rica that supposedly issued this arrest warrant? Did he verify the information, or simply publish it as it was handed to him. If it turns out to be bogus and a fabrication then Rex is probably right - Jackson will have to answer for that.

The Long Line of Rod Spiller Victims: I am now receiving emails almost daily from victims of Rod Spiller's "Udachu" scams. The people who are sending me these emails say "I sent him $5,000 on this date, $2,000 on this date, and please forward my contact information to the federal officials who are investigating him. I want to help nail this bastard..." Now I ask, where are the Rex Freeman victims? So far I've been able to find like one or two pissed-off former employees who were fired exactly because they were acting in an unscrupulous manner. Those same people are now doing everything they can to do him harm, and the dumb-shit "journalists" of the world are eating their crap like cooing pigeons. So far I don't see any objective or fair and balanced reporting going on with regards to Rex Freeman, with the one exception of what you're reading right now. I ask again - if Rex Freeman is such a bad buy, where are the victims? Send them my way, I would love to talk to them.

My Mind's Made Up - Don't Confuse Me With The Facts: Listen, I've made my share of mistakes. I've gone off down the wrong road a long way a couple of times, and at some point you have to act like a man, stand your ground, and admit that you screwed up. I've done it lots of times and I've learned from every mistake I've ever made. But Eric Jackson, who freely admits to being an unmedicated bipolar, should simply not be allowed to dance around on Rex Freeman's head without proof. Jackson is holding up this document someone sent him from Costa Rica as a "gotcha." Well, what it it's a fake? If that turns out to be the actual truth and fact do you think Jackson will ever admit to having made a mistake? Don't hold your breath.

What If It's Real? Forget Jackson, and for that matter forget what Rex Freeman says. I'm going to verify this document myself tomorrow morning. I don't expect prosecutors will be willing to discuss the details of this case with me over the phone, but I want to ask Lic. Alexander Salazar Chacon and Licda. Francini Gomez Baltodano, the officials whose names are on this document, if it's real or not. If it's real I'll give them Rex Freeman's cell phone number here in Panama and they can give him a call. If it's bogus, then I'll report that here. In short I'll be doing what Jackson should have done before posting this document - checking to see if it's real. And like I said at the start, this whole Rex Freeman thing is just one big time-sucking hole of never-ending bullshit ... welcome to the Panama News.

Copyright 2008 by Don Winner for Go ahead and use whatever you like as long as you credit the source. Salud.

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The Rex Freeman Arrest Warrant in Costa Rica
Authored by: Anonymous on Wednesday, April 02 2008 @ 04:03 PM UTC

It seems like life in Panama is like a soap opera for this guy Eric Jackson. Along with talking with Lic. Alexander Salazar Chacon, and Licda.Franchini Gomez Baltodano, you might want to find out from any sources you may have inside of Panama who exactly is in charge of these warrants in that jurisdiction in Costa Rica. I mean, those two guys Chacon and Baltodano may be just made up along with everything else, or they may be somehow in colusion with Eric and his crew. Also, why hasn't Rex's lawyer been in direct contact with you yet? He could probably provide some legal insight on this matter along with any pertinent documents to clear this up. Good luck with your investigation. You may need to physically go to Costa Rica and meet with Rex's attorney and the prosecutor or whoever is in charge of these things there if you really want to know the real story, ie: the "truth".
Boy, if you threw a real crime into this story it would make a great detective novel.
Carry on..................................................................