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Monday, September 23 2019 @ 04:30 pm EDT

Xscape Safe - Fire Escape Suit Passes Tests

Safety & Security Chesapeake, VA., -- Xscape Safe announces successful testing of the Xscape Safe universally sized fire escape SUIT from North Carolina State University. The Revolutionary Personal Protection™ universal size fire escape SUIT was successfully tested at North Carolina State University in their Thermal Protective Laboratory to the NFPA 2112 Standard (burn) using their “Pyro-Man” System. The “Pyro-Man” consists of a number of components/sensors designed to work together to measure the performance of protective clothing under full scale flash fire exposure conditions. The “ensemble” was tested for three (3) seconds at 3000°F, which resulted in no body burns. (more)

The Xscape Safe universally sized fire escape SUIT, patent pending, is a one piece, fire and heat resistant escape SUIT, designed to assist people ranging in size from small, 5’0”/100lbs, to 4X, 6’8”/280lbs. The SUIT is used in emergency evacuations from smoke, heat, or fire. The SUIT is packaged in a small, lightweight (4.5lbs) Kit Bag. The Kit Bag also contains a smoke hood, self-powered flash light, personal locator and instructional DVD. The SUIT was designed using a unique aluminized fabric which reflects radiant heat and flame. The smoke hood and SUIT can be put on in less than one minute - A Must Have For Personal Safety!™

(End of Press Release)

Distributor in Panama: I am the distributor for High Rise Escape Systems and the Xscape Safe here in the Republic of Panama. This is a new product for our company providing an excellent option for highrise escape situations. The suit is stored in a small and lightweight bag and consists of an emergency escape suit and smoke filtering mask. It takes less than a minute to climb into the suit and protects you from heat and smoke, allowing you time to escape from a burning building in case of a highrise fire.

Sub Standard Construction: Buildings in Panama for the most part do not conform with NFPA 101 live protection standards. In other words, they were build to old standards and don't have things like pressurized stairwells to keep the smoke out to protect residents who are trying to use the stairs to escape. Equipped with the Xscape Safe System, you would be able to use the stairs and exit the building, smoke or no smoke.

Contact Information: If you would like additional information please contact -

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