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Sunday, September 22 2019 @ 09:57 am EDT

Meet the New "Craftsman Terrorist Front" in Panama

Protests & Demonstrations Panama America - With the appearance of a group called the “Frente Artesano Terrorista” (Craftsman Terrorist Front) students from the school of Artes y Oficios of the University of Panama, wearing masks, assaulted passers-by, destroyed automobiles, destroyed bus stops, and vandalized their own school during a protest supposedly to demand improvements to the school. (Photo Credit: Miguel cavalli / EPASA)

Editor's Comment: The college students of the school of Artes y Oficios are playing with fire. Back in the 1970's actual terrorist groups learned that claiming credit for hijacking a plane or whatever just meant the authorities would eventually hunt them down and kill them. These college kids are being manipulated by others who wish to destabilize the country and it's relatively easy to tell the difference between "real" protests and orchestrated works of violent street theater. Two things changed yesterday. The Director of the school was assaulted and hit on the head by students, and the students themselves came up with a name for their little extra-curricular activity that includes the word "terrorist." The kids on the street simply do not understand how something like that changes the rules at a very fundamental level.

Estudiantes se declaran "terroristas"

Con la aparición de un grupo denominado “Frente Artesano Terrorista” alumnos del Artes y Oficios, con el rostro cubierto, asaltaron a los transeúntes, destrozaron automóviles, rompieron las paradas y vandalizaron su propia escuela durante una protesta para reclamar supuestas mejoras en el colegio.

(Foto. Miguel cavalli / EPASA)

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