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Thursday, April 26 2018 @ 10:52 AM EDT

Enrique Iglesias Makes Plaza Costa Del Este His Home

Bands & Music Panama City ( - Panama City’s panoramic view over the Pacific Ocean is steadily becoming the catalyst for Central American investments in luxury hotels, luxury residences with penthouse apartments, upscale housing, business offices, and commercial real-estate. Panama has been rumored to attract Hollywood stars, such as Mick Jagger, Mel Gibson, and Angelina Jolie. But recently, the famed International Star and Latin Sensation, and Grammy Award winner, Enrique Iglesias, was declared the first official owner of a penthouse in the new Plaza Costa Del Este - and Sony Record’s Salsa Star, Gilbertos Santarosa, the first official owner of a unit in the Plaza Costa Del Este. The Plaza Costa Del Este is part of a major development – the Costa Del Este. (more)

Needless to say, this 2007 announcement about Enrique Iglesias’ choice in the luxury penthouse at the The Plaza Costa Del Este, (which was heard at an invitation-only gala event in Miami), was exciting news to Panama City residents and investors in the Plaza Costa Del Este and the Costs Del Este development. The Plaza and the master developers now have bragging rights to boast about the Latin Pop Star’s decision to take up residence in the Plaza Costa Del Este. Especially since Iglesias passed up Donald Trump’s first foray into Panama - the Trump Ocean Club International Hotel and Tower that is slated to open in 2010.

Beating out Trump takes planning. The Costs Del Este development in Panama has been in the works since the 1990’s, and there are currently eleven zones which consist of high-density commercial areas and both high density and low density residential areas. The Plaza cost Del Este is in a residential area but in close vicinity to the buzzing city of Panama. The Plaza is also located only minutes from the Toumen International Airport, and arranges a limousine service to the Plaza for its guests.

Despite the fact that Panama City is only minutes away, the Costs Del Este development, (as do many other developments in Panama), was careful to plan for ecological considerations that balance business with ecology. Setting between the commercial and residential areas will be a 30-hectare ecological park, complete with a lake filled with shrimp, fish, ducks, and even an alligator. The Costa del Este gardening budget is set for half a million dollars a year, and they have already planted more than a half million plants and arranged for 100,000 palm trees. Costs Del Este will have upscale luxury city living in a sleek architectural masterpiece overlooking a tropical paradise.

The Plaza Costa Del Este offers the luxurious amenities that movie stars and music stars are accustomed. Aside from its glorious view of the Pacific Ocean and the best of technology, it offers exclusive access to a Beach Club on Contadora Island, (which is one of the more famed islands amongst the Pearl Islands), a rooftop pool with live palm trees, a sky lounge with telescope, an oxygen bar, therapeutic health clinic, Asian Spa, Aromatherapy Center, a day spa, space movement center, dance center, running track, and an in-house Farmers Market. Needless to say, maid service and parking is also included. The Plaza Costa Del Este consists of 150 Standard Rooms, 16 Executive Suites, 1 Super Presidential Suite and 167 upscale Hotel Rooms. No wonder it attracted Enrique Iglesias.

Panama, the Plaza Costa Del Este and the Costs Del Este development are bringing in investors despite minimal advertising. Of course, big names like Enrique Iglesias serve to promote luxury properties, and the 15 years of tax exemption is a nice incentive. Cruise ships are increasing their stops in Panama, and flights to Panama are multiplying. The Panama Canal is getting five million dollars worth of improvements, and the economy is showing steady growth between 6% and 8%. Enrique Iglesias will no doubt be singing praises about his investment in Panama.

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