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2009 Our Children’s Art Agenda, 14th Consecutive Edition

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By DON WINNER for - From an email I received this morning: "Hi Mr. Don. I'm across your address through I am the coordinator for the 2009 Our Children’s Art Agenda, 14th consecutive edition. Produced by the Children Helping Children Foundation, a non-profit organization based in Montreal, Canada. The agenda is a collaboration of artwork from young artists from ages 2 to 18 from around the globe. Profits from distributing the book are donated to the Research for Children’s Diseases Foundation. (more)

Editor's Comment: I vetted it, it's real and not some kind of a scam. "A long time contributor to children’s causes, Roger Dery is the founder of Our Children’s Art Agenda Project, a project that encourages children from around the world to enrich their lives by contributing artwork to raise money for Research Into Children’s Diseases. Most recently, his charitable work has lent itself to raise awareness and funds for Breast Cancer." Anyone interested? If so, please contact Jessica directly. This could be a wonderful project for someone (who has the time) to take ownership of here in Panama.

This year schools from Egypt, France, Dubai, Spain, Switzerland, United States of America and Canada will be participating. Being a colorful, hard cover, cultural, trilingual book, it is not difficult to find buyers. Suggested retail price is 19.95$ CAD, this is a great opportunity for any retailer to make profit while participating in an admirable cause.

I have contacted two bookstores in Panama City this week and they seem to be interested. I am contacting all book distributors in Central America as the book is printed in English, French and Spanish.

Would be interested in being a part of this project? If not, perhaps you would be able to forward me telephone numbers of book distributors in the area?

Warm regards,

Jessica Leduc

Projects / Administration

Dery Group, 1500 Rue Notre Dame, Lachine, Qc H8S 2E3, T. 514.639.5575 F. 514.639.8880

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Copyright 2008 by Don Winner for Go ahead and use whatever you like as long as you credit the source. Salud.

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