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Tuesday, April 24 2018 @ 05:15 PM EDT

MIVI Continues "Legalization" Process in Puerto Caimito

Real Estate
Doris Zapata - Housing Minister
Doris Zapata - Housing Minister "In Charge"
By Carlos Estrada Aguilar for La Critica - The "in charge" Housing Minister, Doris Zapata, made a trip through the community of El Progreso 4 in the community of Puerto Caimito, district of La Chorrera, where she advanced a project of the assignation of lots. In the community 320 lots have been measured and identified, of which 270 have been assigned to families who fulfill the requirements established in the agreement. Altogether there will be 671 lots for residents of the communities of Villa Vivian and Brisas del Mar.

Editor's Comment: This is a "legalization" process. What happens is that there are a lot of small little communities that have sprung up and continue to grow in remote areas, where the government has never really paid a whole lot of attention to what's going on. In this case they are "legalizing" the ownership of the land, measuring out parcels and formalizing ownership. Once that's done, they can charge property taxes (so don't think they are just being nice.) In reality, it's good for the land and home owners because now they can sell their property with title, it's worth more, etc. And there is less opportunities for conflicts and the like. Basically the government continues to drag the remote areas of the country into this century, administratively speaking.

MIVI continúa legalización en Puerto Caimito

Carlos Estrada Aguilar | Crítica en Línea

Doris Zapata.

La ministra encargada de Vivienda, Doris Zapata, realizó un recorrido por la comunidad de El Progreso 4, en el corregimiento de Puerto Caimito, distrito de La Chorrera, donde se avanza un proyecto de asignación de lotes.

En la comunidad se han medido 320 lotes, de los cuales, se han asignado 270 a familias que cumplen con los requisitos establecidos en el acuerdo.

En total serán 671 lotes para residentes de las comunidades de r.Villa Vivian y Brisas del Mar.

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