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Wednesday, September 18 2019 @ 03:53 pm EDT

Anti Corruption Prosecutor Calls MOLIRENA Party Members to Trial

CorruptionBy Carlos Estrada for La Critica - Panama's Second Anti Corruption Prosecutor Maribel Cornejo asked the judge of the Sixth Circuit Court of Panama to call to trial those implicated in the commission of "crimes against the public faith" and corruption against the Electoral Tribunal and the MOLIRENA political party. In her request Cornejo asked for the former treasurer of the MOLIRENA party Waldo Arrocha as well as Laura Chanis Hernández and Orlando Eric Sanjur to be called to trial, and simultaneously recommended that charges be dropped against Pedro Antonio Guerra, Oscar Enrique Vega, Luis Antonio Ruiz Peralta and Antonio Small Bocanegra. The case bears relation to the supposed disappearance of several checks and the irregular handling of funds from this political party. The criminal complaint was interposed by the then President of the MOLIRENA political party Jesus "Maco" Rosas.

Editor's Comment: Just a note on legal procedure in Panama. You see these kinds of things all the time - "a prosecutor is calling so-and-so to trial." What happens is this - someone makes a criminal complaint, and is basically notifying the government that a crime has been committed. From that point on it's up to the prosecutors from the Public Ministry to investigate the allegations and to build a case. If they think they have enough evidence to win a trial in court, then they notify the judge that they would like to "call the person to trial." Usually the judge obliges and then hears both sides to decide the case. In this particular case, it appears that during the investigation Prosecutor Cornejo arrived at the conclusion that several people committed crimes and should be tried, and that others might have been somehow involved but that charges should be dropped. Anyway, that's how it works here, and these kinds of stories are usually a pretty good indication that the prosecutor thinks they have enough evidence or information to obtain a conviction.

Fiscal Cornejo hace llamamiento a juicio

Carlos Estrada | Crítica en Línea

La fiscal segunda Anticorrupción, Maribel Cornejo, solicitó al Juzgado Sexto de Circuito del Primer Circuito Judicial de Panamá el llamamiento a juicio de los implicados en la comisión de delitos contra la fe pública y peculado en contra del Tribunal Electoral y el Partido MOLIRENA.

El llamamiento a juicio de Cornejo es para el ex tesorero del Partido MOLIRENA, Waldo Arrocha, los ciudadanos Laura Chanis Hernández y Orlando Eric Sanjur, mientras que se solicitó el sobreseimiento Provisional de Pedro Antonio Guerra, Oscar Enrique Vega, Luis Antonio Ruiz Peralta y Antonio Small Bocanegra.

El caso guarda relación con la supuesta desaparición de varios cheques y manejo irregular de fondos del subsidio electoral del colectivo. La acción penal fue interpuesta por el entonces presidente del Partido MOLIRENA, Jesús "Maco" Rosas.

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