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Monday, September 01 2014 @ 09:39 AM EDT

Norman Patrick English Charged in Death of 3 Year Old Son

Law & LawyersBy Mirna Ospino for the Panama America - Panama's Auxiliary Prosecutor has filed formal charges against Norman Patrick English, the father of a boy who died due to broncho-pneumonia, for the supposed crime of negligence (guilt by omission). The investigation was initiated when the mother of the boy with Peruvian nationality, felt doubts regarding the death of the boy. In an unofficial manner it is presumed there were negligences with regards to the boy.

Fiscalía le formula cargos a padre de niño que muere por bronconeumonía

Mirna Ospino PA-DIGITAL

A Norman Patrick English, padre de un niño que murió por bronconeumonía, la Fiscalía Auxiliar le ha formulado cargos por el supuesto delito de omisión culposa.

La investigación fue iniciada cuando la mamá del niño con nacionalidad peruana, sintió dudas por la muerte del niño.

De manera extraoficial de presume que hubo descuidos con el niño.

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Norman Patrick English Charged in Death of 3 Year Old Son
Authored by: Anonymous on Monday, June 29 2009 @ 09:38 AM EDT

He we go with more corrpution in Panama!! This poor father who was taking good care of his son is charged with crime. The Peruvian mother who commited marriage fraud is US and was in jail for living illegally in the United States. She never checked on the child once in the 9 month's he was living here in Pamama. She manages to get the US state department to give her "special permission" to leave the US and return even though she is in the US illegally. While in Panama and out on bond in the US she manages to come to Panama and PAY the FISCALIA to charge the father with being negligent.The father a high decorated Navy veteran is now falsely accused of negligence. The Panamamains refused to investigate the Panamanian Nanny that was watching the child and has a contract to be on duty when the child died. The Nanny who was sysmatcally poising the child with Tylenol. The child who atteneded school the day he died,the Panamanins refuse to investigate the day care school. If your child is being watched by Parmella Dean your child is in danger. The FISCALIA do not care about your child might in danger only that they might collect a few dollars from the father.
Now this poor father who did nothing wrong is being extorted money from the corrupt DA's office looking for under the table pay off''s. CORRUPTION in PANAMA is alive and well.