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Sunday, September 22 2019 @ 08:25 pm EDT

A New Defense Against The Bad Guys

Safety & Security La Critica - It does not use bullets, nor does it kill the enemy, but rather it only immobilizes them. Tasers are one of the nonlethal security devices used for personal defense, by businesses, and even law enforcement. Using technology of the future applied in the present, these units are devices that shoot electrical charges of up to 50,000 volts or more, causing the attacker to be instantaneously incapacitated without causing heart problems or causing any other type of medical harm. The attacker is momentarily paralyzed for a period of time ranging from 1 to 30 seconds, depending on if the device is sold on the civilian market or for business use. (more)

Editor's Comment: I'm a big fan of non-lethal personal defense devices. As a matter of fact I've had several instances in which I have been able to avoid violence or defuse potentially dangerous (or deadly) situations just by simply producing my Stun Gun (400,000 Volts, Panther Model 103). Usually some pissed off knucklehead wants to get in my face for some reason and the conversation usually goes something along the lines of " back the hell up or I'll light you up like a Christmas tree..." In every instance (five out of five) the dumb-ass turns out to be smarter than they look, and faced with the potential of being on the receiving end of 400,000 volts of lovin' they intelligently choose to retreat and complain (less violently) at a later date. And for the record, I've had my stun gun confiscated by local Panamanian law enforcement and then returned to me. They are legal for personal self defense uses in Panama, and I recommend anyone who is nervous about walking around at night (or whatever) to get one. In my case, it makes my left hand much more effective in a fight. Also, nothing wrong with having a choice between a lethal option (weapon, handgun) and a non-lethal or less than lethal alternative. In any case, this article caught my eye, and I thought you might like to know.

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In the first case, immobility for up to five seconds can be obtained and repeated. In the second case of more powerful units, immobility of up to 30 seconds can be obtained.

Rodrigo Cruz, the owner of Clear Water Panama, is the only company authorized to distribute Taser products, says that the primary idea behind these devices is to save lives, on the part of the user as well as the assailant; they fill the void for those people who do not want to use firearms for their personal self defense.

The Taser shoots two darts containing electrodes that are connected to the device through thin metal wires.

Once they reach the objective (the attacker), the device sends small shocks of electricity to the electrodes that interrupt the operation of the nerves controlling muscles, causing temporary paralysis.

The attacker does not feel pain but simply becomes paralyzed, and the assailant recovers immediately without any negative health effects or without losing conscientiousness.

This type of technology has been evaluated medically in at least 8 of the 48 countries where it is being used.

In Panama these devices have been evaluated by both the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Government and Justice.

The costs are varied. Devices for personal protection cost approximately $500 dollars, whereas more sophisticated units for business or law enforcement applications can cost as much as $2,000 dollars.

In a demonstration it is observed how this self-defense device paralyzes muscles of the body.

The attacker does not feel pain and, once the effect passes, is left with only a small mark, similar to a needle prick.

Arma para congelar a los maleantes

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Los inmoviliza.

No usa balas ni tampoco fulmina al enemigo, sólo los inmoviliza. Taser forma parte de las armas no letales de seguridad que se usan para la defensa personal, empresarial y hasta policial.

Utilizando la tecnología del futuro, aplicada en el presente, estas unidades son armas que disparan cargas de electricidad de 50, 000 voltios, y causan la incapacidad instantánea de la persona, sin provocarle problemas cardiacos o de otro tipo médico.

El atacante queda momentáneamente paralizado por periodos entre 1 y 30 segundos, dependiendo si el arma es de uso empresarial o civil. En el primero de los casos, se logra la inmovilidad hasta por cinco segundos, que pueden ser repetitivos. En el segundo, hasta 30.

Rodrigo Cruz, propietario de Clear Water Panamá, empresa distribuidora de los Taser, asegura que la idea primordial de estas armas es salvar vidas, tanto para el usuario como para los delincuentes; y vienen a llenar un vacío para aquellas personas que no quieren usar armas de fuego para su defensa personal.

El Taser dispara dos dardos que contienen electrodos conectados al arma, a través de alambres de metal. Una vez alcanzan el objetivo (el atacante), el arma envía pequeñas cargas de electricidad a los electrodos, que interrumpen el funcionamiento de los nervios que controlan los músculos, provocando la parálisis. El atacante no siente dolor, simplemente se paraliza, y se reincorpora inmediatamente sin que se afecte su salud o llegue a perder la noción.

Este tipo de tecnología ha sido evaluado médicamente en al menos 8 de los 48 países donde se encuentra. En Panamá fue avalado tanto por el Ministerio de Salud como por el Ministerio de Gobierno y Justicia.

Los costos son variados. El valor del equipo personal oscila en unos 500 dólares, mientras que el de uso empresarial, desde 2, 000 dólares.


En una demostración se observa cómo paraliza los músculos del cuerpo esta arma de defensa personal y empresarial. El atacante no siente dolor y, pasado el efecto, sólo queda con una pequeña marca, similar a la de una picadura.

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