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Tuesday, June 19 2018 @ 10:42 AM EDT

New Palm Oil Processing Plant in Progresso

Infrastructure Upgrades La Estrella - The Directors of the Coopemapachi organization and authorities from the Ministry of Farming Development are putting the final touches on an agreement that would allow for a $5.9 million dollar loan for the construction of a palm oil extraction plant in Progresso in the Chiriquí province. At stake is a long standing desire on the part of palm oil growers from all over the Chiriquí province who have almost six thousand hectares dedicated to production. The manager of the Coopemapachi cooperative Leandro Marquínez said that due to the high degree of profitability of the palm oil plantations, those who know the industry have projected that in some five years they will duplicate the area cultivated to more than 12,000 hectares dedicated to the production of palm oil. The government, through the Farming Development Bank (BDA), facilitated the loan required for the installation of the processing plant that will be located in Maria de Progreso, that will operate initially with a capacity to process 15 tons per hour. The building of the processing plant will be directed by an expert from Malaysia who has been specially hired by the administration of the cooperative of producers, who already have two small plants functioning that produce about 400 liters of biodiesel, which they are using to fuel their tractors and general equipment. In any case it is still difficult for Coopemapachi to obtain the oil that is used for raw material.

Editor's Comment: Palm oil. The wonderful thing about palm oil is that the plants can grow in Panama, and Panama might eventually become a major producer of biodiesel. And what's even better, is that this type of production and work will occur in the rural areas of the country, bringing jobs and money to people who are otherwise unemployed, or who are making less doing other types of activities. Good news, this.

Construirán extractora de palma aceitera


Los últimos detalles para poder iniciar la construcción por 5.9 millones de dólares, de una planta extractora de aceite de palma en Progreso, provincia de Chiriquí está coordinando la dirigencia de productores Coopemapachi con las autoridades del Ministerio de Desarrollo Agropecuario.

Se trata de una antigua aspiración de los productores de toda la provincia de Chiriquí, quienes dedican casi seis mil hectáreas a cultivar la palma aceitera.

No obstante el gerente de Coopemapachi Leandro Marquínez aseguró que por la alta rentabilidad de la palma aceitera, los entendidos han proyectado que en unos cinco años, se deberá duplicar a 12 mil las hectáreas dedicadas al rubro.

El gobierno a través del Banco de Desarrollo Agropecuario (BDA) facilitó el préstamo requerido para la instalación de una planta ubicada en El María de Progreso, que funcionará inicialmente con una capacidad para atender 15 toneladas de palmas por hora.

El montaje de la planta procesadora será dirigido por un experto de Malasia especialmente contratado por la administración de la cooperativa de productores quienes ya tienen funcionando dos pequeñas plantas que producen unos 400 litros de biodiesel que les sirve para movilizar sus tractores y equipos en general.

No obstante a Coopemapachi le resulta muy difícil conseguir el aceite como materia prima.

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