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Thursday, June 20 2019 @ 11:10 AM UTC

Poice Seize Four AK-47's and Arrest Four Colombians

Drug Trafficking By William Sala for La Prensa - Two operations realized by the National Police yesterday resulted in the arrest of four Colombian citizens for weapons and ammunition trafficking, as well as military clothing, said a police source. The first operation occurred in Arraiján where two Colombians were detained and two AK-47's were seized. Later, at a police checkpoint in Tocumen, officers stopped a pickup truck being used by two Colombians to transport vegetables. Underneath the vegetables was an ammunition shipment for AK-47's and camouflage military clothing.

Editor's Comment: Panama is still a shipment route for guns and ammunition used by drug traffickers. The FARC has lost all identity as any kind of an actual revolutionary movement, and they are little more than narco terrorists and organized crime. The cocaine shipment business generates billions of dollars in profits every year and is exceptionally lucrative. These kinds of busts, a cache of weapons headed south, are relatively routine in Panama. It's just illegal hardware being transported to market from sources in other Central American countries like Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Guatemala where the civil wars and revolutions from the 80's are now history.

Vía rápida

PN decomisa fusiles y municiones de AK-47

INVESTIGACIÓN. Dos operativos realizados por la Policía Nacional (PN) ayer, terminaron con la aprehensión de cuatro colombianos ligados con el tráfico de armas de fuego y municiones, además de vestimenta militar, dijo una fuente policial. El primer operativo ocurrió en Arraiján, donde se detuvo a dos colombianos y se decomisaron dos fusiles AK-47. Más tarde, en un retén policial, en Tocumen, se detuvo un auto pick up, con dos colombianos, que transportaba verduras. Debajo de las hortalizas se halló un cargamento de municiones para fusiles AK-47 y ropa de camuflaje.

William Sala

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