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Friday, May 24 2019 @ 01:06 PM UTC

VMP Primary Elections in October 2008 (Endara)

Politics By José González Pinilla for La Prensa - Vice President of the Vanguardia Moral de la Patria (VMP) political party Menalco Solís said yesterday that the party's books will be closed on this Friday, 5 September 2008, that will be used in the party's primary election which will he held on 19 October 2008. The VMP party, presided over by former Panamanian President Guillermo Endara, had at least 36,531 members as of 31 July 2008 according to numbers registered with the Electoral Tribunal. Solís added that the candidates have been holding events to sign up new members to the party in recent days. The Elector Tribunal approved the party's regulation and proposed internal primary election calendar last week. (Comments Follow)

Editor's Comment: Ah ha! So that's what Guillermo Endara has been doing, and why I have not been hearing more from him. I suspect he will win the VMP internal primary elections and be selected as the party's candidate for the position of President of the Republic for the May 2009 general elections. He came in second in the 2004 election with 30% of the vote. But, he's gone somewhat "gago" in the past couple of years and he's almost invisible in the polls that have been conducted thus far. If he does actually run and if he appears on the ballot in May 2009 then every vote going to him will just further dilute the loss of the opposition parties. If he does show up for the big dance, Endara, Varela, and Martinelli will simply share a three-way opposition defeat in a virtual replay of the 2004 election. And by the way, doing the same thing but expecting a different result is the definition of lunacy.

VMP cierra padrón electoral el viernes

CALENDARIO. El vicepresidente del partido Vanguardia Moral de la Patria (VMP), Menalco Solís, dijo ayer que este viernes 5 de septiembre cierra el padrón electoral que utilizarán para las primarias del próximo 19 de octubre.

El VMP, presidido por el ex presidente Guillermo Endara, tenía una membresía hasta el 31 de julio pasado de 36 mil 531 personas, según cifras del Tribunal Electoral (TE). Solís añadió que los precandidatos han realizado jornadas de inscripción de adherentes en los últimos días. Hace una semana, el TE les aprobó el reglamento y calendario de las elecciones primarias.

José González Pinilla

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